One more year….

I officially have one more year left on my current contract with the Army National Guard. Overall, the experience has been great for me. I’ve enjoyed the challenges, and the opportunities this path gave me, but now I really have to start thinking do I want to stay in or do I want to get out. 

The tempo in my life is starting to pick up fast. I will be getting my masters degree this year, and the university been working me harder than ever. A lot of the time I feel so burnt out, so now I’m looking to cut out some things in my life and the Army is one of those options. The Guard is no more just a weekend a month, two weeks out of the year. There’s so much orders and other work going on in between drills, it’s crazy. I believe the only way I would stay in the guard is if I pursued to be aviation officer. I honestly had no time to work on. That because I’ve been so busy. 

In the end, I’m sure everything will balance out and I’ll be where I’m suppose to be at the end of the day. Until then I just gotta keep grinding. 


I’m no fool! Back to Grad school!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to tell you guys that im back in grad school. Since I’m working full time, I’m just only taking two classes. I should be able to maintain my social life. The plan is Friday nights and Saturdays will be dedicated to my social life. Back when I went to LSU, I attempted 18 credit hours of course work while trying to work and keep a girlfriend happy. Let’s just say I learned an important lesson on how to organize my time better and not to rush with getting to a goal.

The biggest reason for me going back is the people around me believing in me. Telling me I have the potential to get a PhD if I wanted too. That I may not feel like the brightest guy sometimes, but my work ethic is more than enough. The saying is true, if you surround yourself with great people, great things will happen. Thank you to all my co workers, family, friends and you guys for giving me the jolt I needed to continue.


Get JiNXED #5: Enter Rosilia


            [ Rosilia ( ro-zah-LEE-ah ) ]

One night during the week about a month ago around 10pm, I get a text “I’m in your city! Get out your bed you french fucker and let’s go eat something.” I didn’t recognize the number, but there’s only like 3 people that have the privilege to call me a “french fucker.” Immediately, I called the number to find out it was my old band mate Rosilia! Told her to come to downtown to my place and I will cook something up. Boom! Friends reunited


Rosilia is a laid back lesbian w/ a wicked sense of humor. The last time I saw her is when she moved to go live with her girl friend. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out, so she kinda restarting her life. She didn’t have to place to go, so I took her in to live with me in my downtown apartment rent free. I was planning on turning my 2nd bedroom to my red room of pain, but that have to wait now. I’m just kidding, or am I? Recently, she just got hired near a clothing store and I can’t say enough on how happy I am to have a childhood friend back in my life. Will we restart the band for old times sake? Highly unlikely, but maybe…. just maybe


Get JiNXED #3

Sup ladies and gents of the sanctuary? Everything is going well on my end. I just finished recording the 1st Q/A you can expect that within this week. Jaclyn suppose to deliver my intro Wednesday, so once I get that I’ll be able to edit and release it.

Life in Austin, TX is going great. From my Crossfitt family, co workers and people I’ve met here in general has become a great social experience for me. Monday-Thursdays is businesses as usual, but I’m always out Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Last couple of weekends, I didn’t even sleep at my own place it was on somebody’s couch or something b/c I would always be drinking, playing beer pong or whatever. Great people and they have crashed on my couch many of times. It’s not all about sitting and drinking tho. We went to the zoo, rode jetski, play various of sports in the afternoon, dancing, bar hopping to name a few. I can’t just sit and drink all the time, that gets lame quick. Couple of friends and I went to Florida to see Crown the Empire in the warped tour. If you ever liked their music definitely give them a try live. Their newest album Resistance: Rise of the Runaways is amazing 5/5. If you love rock genre music, it’s worth checking out. I have my passports and tickets and I’m a go for my trip top Italy this fall.

I’m still doing Crossfitt regularly. Still planning on participating in the 2015 Crossfitt games open. The closer next year come the more excited I am for it. I was also thinking about joining an adult sports league, but with work and everything I just don’t have time.

That’s it for this one. Little boring I know, but hopefully when videos start to come it’ll jazz things up a bit. Love you guys, chase your dreams and what you want. Be good!