UK’s Mission Lunar One reaches funding goal on kickstarter.


Yesterday, the United Kingdom’s announce the Lunar Mission One venture has reach its goal of $942,000 on kickstarter. Lunar Mission One is going to be a robot to drill into the moon’s south pole. Even though the project has reached it’s goal, there’s still many people sending in what they can to help support the project. Generous backers have the opportunity to bury their DNA in a time capsule under the moon’s surface, among other things: To use pioneering robotic technology to significantly further our understanding of the origins and evolution of the Moon and the Earth, and to pave the way for future lunar missions. To launch a global education project to inspire a new generation of children and young people around the world to get excited about space, science and engineering and technology. To create a comprehensive record of the history of humankind and the biosphere of the Earth.

This project gives me hope that general public still have interest in space related missions. The last couple of years you could tell that the public were getting disinterested in human space exploration. One of the main reason I believe is when the nation was struggling economically. I remember hearing outlandish claims that the NASA budget was 25% of the federal budget. When in fact, NASA budget haven’t been close to that percentage. The highest the budget ever got to was 4.4% when we was in the space race in the 1960s.. Going into 2015 NASA got some good news. They will be getting .5% of the federal budget. That’s about $600 million more than what it received in 2013. With the UK’s kickstarter success, NASA’s growing interest and private corporations like Space X being a huge success I’m hopeful for the future of space exploration.

Be sure to check out the Lunar Mission One site listed below.