Is Majoring In Biology Really Hard?

I get few emails and DMs asking if pursuing a Biology degree is really hard. The fact is it all depends, let me explain. Majoring in Biology is something you must want to do and not something you kind of want to do. That should be applied to everything you do in life, but definitely when you’re talking about getting a degree in a science or engineer program. Why? Because getting a degree in these fields require a lot of dedication and self-sacrifice to get. If you’re more worried about partying it up in college every chance you get don’t even attempt to try to obtain a degree.

Biology is a subject that you must retain information that must be learn. You can’t go through college just memorizing stuff here and there. You have to be able to use your understanding to formulate or solve problems in hypothetical situations. On the college level, be prepared for very technical material and lots of hard work.

I can’t stress enough to put in the hours studying. Most likely you’ll only will have to take four or five test a semester for a class. If you’re taking a class and not doing the lab that corresponds with the course, you’re doing it wrong. I can’t tell you how many times I didn’t get something in class, but when I did it in the lab it all made sense. Also be active with your professors. They might have other learning material or references that will help you. Get involve in the biology club and other events. There you can meet new people and can form up study groups and be strong support system for each other.

Obtaining a biology degree is quite the challenge. It was for me anyways, but it’s so worth it. Now I’m working in a research lab while obtaining my masters. The truth is the learning will never stop. Science is always ever changing and you have to stay in top on things.

So relax, study hard, stay dedicated and continuing to dream of where you going to be after you obtain the degree. Choose easy electives to help bump up your GPA. People from all over the world from different walks of life are able to obtain the degree. There’s no reason you can’t. The biggest thing is to believe in yourself and dream of where that degree can take you.



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I’m no fool! Back to Grad school!

Hey everyone! I’m excited to tell you guys that im back in grad school. Since I’m working full time, I’m just only taking two classes. I should be able to maintain my social life. The plan is Friday nights and Saturdays will be dedicated to my social life. Back when I went to LSU, I attempted 18 credit hours of course work while trying to work and keep a girlfriend happy. Let’s just say I learned an important lesson on how to organize my time better and not to rush with getting to a goal.

The biggest reason for me going back is the people around me believing in me. Telling me I have the potential to get a PhD if I wanted too. That I may not feel like the brightest guy sometimes, but my work ethic is more than enough. The saying is true, if you surround yourself with great people, great things will happen. Thank you to all my co workers, family, friends and you guys for giving me the jolt I needed to continue.