Tips On Surviving Thanksgiving 2015

It’s November already. While you may already thinking about Christmas, you have to remember that you have to survive Thanksgiving first. For some Thanksgiving can be a very pleasant experience, but for some a couple of days back at home with your family can be very draining. Here are some tips for surviving Thanksgiving 2015.

Prepare Yourself: You know your family better than I do. You’ve been through many Thanksgivings before this one, so you should have an idea on what to expect. If you need meditation the night before, do it. Hide a couple of small bottles of alcohol or fill your flask with the good stuff. If you’re hosting the event make seating arrangements for the meal itself. If you have kids have them make cute name signs and have them place it. Adults usually are not going to change the seating if they know a child did it to avoid hurting his/her feelings because who wants an emotional child during Thanksgiving? Nobody. Don’t cook everything. Have members that coming to bring a dish.

Avoid Heavy Topic: When I say avoid heavy topics, I’m talking about politics or anything that usually get people fired up. Avoid it like the plaque. Break out into song or twerk if you have to.

Leave Social Media Alone: Not because it’s rude to your family, but because all you going to see on social media is your friend’s plate of foods and sadness. Also it’s Facebook law that 80% of your friends must complain about something.

Don’t Be An Early Bird: If you have the luxury of not having to stay with family during the night before Thanksgiving then stay your ass in bed till noonish. If you’re up watching the Thanksgiving parade with them you’re doing it wrong.

Keep the Kids Occupied: For the love of god have something set up for the kids. Have a game station set up for them or movies. Having a dedicated room for them would be ideal. If you have a teenager that’s perfect. Their job can be keeping the kids in line instead of staring into their phones all day long.

Get Out Of the Damn House: Nowhere it’s written that says you have to spend the day eating and just watching football. One of the things I actually like about my thanksgiving is that we actually get to play backyard football or go mudding. These events can bring you closer as a family.

That’s all I have for now. Have anything tips that I might’ve missed? Post them and your thoughts below!



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Selling out?


I guess my twitter has grown big enough to attract local businesses. I’ve been getting tweets and Dms for me to come and check out their place of business. Most of the are local bars that’s near my home in downtown Austin, Texas. Other have been local dealerships about vehicles. At 3.2k followers on twitter I don’t feel like my sphere of influence is big enough to do these collaborations. Through my social media it’s easy to find out that I work for Texas University, and that may also be a factor.

Most of the offers is for me come in their place of work and do a “review” on my blog and shout them out a few times on Twitter. I’m conflicted, I’m currently planning to live in Austin for many years to come. I have a great job here at Texas University and I can really imagine myself working 30+ years here. I don’t want to get stuck in the situation where the company treat me, but the food/services is horrible. I would feel obligated to write a positive review about them because you usually get it for free, but I’m not going to lie or sugar coat something because I got it for free. Which may result in hostile tensions if I ever decided to try it again if it’s under the same management. It would be one thing for me to go to another city and do it because it would be highly unlikely for me to travel out the way to visit them. Also, I don’t want to review anything and they drag the University name all in it. It should be just like this blog. My thoughts are my own alone and do not reflect the views of anyone or anything beyond that fact.

I’m holding off on it for now and will probably never collaborate with a company in that manner. Until then I will continue to explore Austin with my friends and if I end up loving a place I will share it via my social media.


Types of people you will meet during New Years

“New Year, New Me!” …… OMG, please stfu! If this was you on New Years, you and I can’t be friends. Anyways, here are some of the people you will meet during New Years festivities.

Love Lurker: This guy/girl is steadily looking around the room for a potential New Years kiss. This person either came alone, a third wheel from a couple or just the single person of their group. They’re the hopeless romantic that’s looking for that fairy tale love story “I met his during New Years and now we live happily ever after” tale. Stay clear from these people, definitely if you have been drinking. It usually just add drama to your life going into the new year.

The Re-bounder: Don’t get this one confused with the love lurker. Yes they’re similar, but there’s one big difference between these two. The love lurker is really looking for a significant other that will last, but the re-bounder have other motives in mind. Normally, these motives is to show their ex that they don’t need them to have fun. Some just stare off in distance whispering to themselves “New Year, New Me” others will go the whole nine yards and sleep with another individual and be sure to post about it. Anything to strike and emotional cord to their ex or an attempt to dull the feelings for their ex.

The Early Birds: These individuals don’t break their bed time for New Years. It’s nothing to frown upon. For some people, Halloween just don’t do it for them. To the early birds, New Years just don’t do it for them. They don’t get wrap up with the whole going into a New Year deal. To them tomorrow is just another day. For others, they have responsibilities to attend to, like getting up and going to work bright and early.

The Happy New Years Guy/Girl: HEY HAPPY NEW YEARS! Every. Damn. Hour. These individuals keep up on what part of the world that went into the New Year. Please do not let these people DJ at your event or have a megaphone near them.

The Social Media Addict: Instead of enjoying themselves with their friends and family, this individual is constantly on their phone. Posting on instagram or tweeting every 5mins about how bad ass their New Years is unfolding. A lot of the times, there’s no motive behind all the post. They just feel the need to share everything on social media…. That’s how they enjoy being out.

The Party leader: If you’ve been too busy with Christmas to plan anything or you don’t know where to go, that’s when you contact this person. He knows when and where all the parties are going to be held. Most likely he will be attending one of the better ones. Look no further, grab your friends and go where he/she is going.

The overly affectionate PDA couples: A lot of the time these couples are spending their first New Years eve together. For a lot, this is the first time ever that they’re spending it with a significant other. While everyone else is talking while having a few or participating with friends with some games, you can catch them making out in the corner. And for the love of god, if things are getting intimate find a room or something. There’s no reason to finger your girlfriend in the damn corner. Everyone can still see you!

TONIGHT I’M GOING TO GET FUCKED UP GIRL/GUY: They have been knocking back shots since 3pm. You’re just hoping that they don’t pass out before the ball drop for new years. You either going to have great stories to tell or regret that you ever brought them. Alcohol is the main culprit, but some even take hardcore drugs.   


Poking on facebook is serious business.


Scott Humphrey, killed his friend Richard Rovetto for poking his girlfriend on facebook. Reports says during the confrontation Richard fell to the ground hitting the back of his head to the pavement. Richard, a father of one would die later on in the hospital from the injury. Humphrey admitted manslaughter and is going to be jailed for 4yrs and 4 months.

My thoughts: Obviously, this is a case of immaturity and jealousy. Personally, I believed that Humphrey should’ve got more years. Yes I understand that his intention wasn’t to kill Richard during that scuffle, but his intention was to do bodily harm to him. That alone should’ve got him more years. Now that I’m out of college and working I find it that a lot of adults don’t do social media anymore and this situation is an example why.


My Family.


You may of heard the term “family don’t have to be blood related” or something along those lines. Well this is my family here in Austin. No matter how hard it may be these guys never lie to me, steer me in the wrong direction or use me. Sad really, that during my relocation and everything that my “blood” family will tell others the wrong thing in order to “protect” me.  To me though, lying in unacceptable. Definitely when my name is involved. The crap and lack of respect is unbelievable. Even talking it to social media. The hard part is accepting all of this and continuing on. It’s mainly the reason why I don’t have a video for you guys this week. I just haven’t been in the mood lately to get in front of my camera and make one, so expect more blog posts. Between work and everything I’ll try to post often. Love you guys. Be blessed.


Twitter Purge….

Social media is a great platform for various reasons to connect one another together, but it also can do the exact opposite. For those who don’t know, Twitter is basically a huge forum. Any topic you want to try and bring awareness to you can use a hash tag to categorize that topic. Unfortunately, on July 19, 2014, some people fell victim to what was called the “Twitter Purge” where user would upload a nude photo of someone else and in many cases tag the individual in the photo. As come to no surprise the majority of the victims and participants are minors. 

I’m disgusted. I can’t put enough importance on how this idiotic event on Twitter will change the victims lives forever. You hear it on the new from time to time of a young individual committing suicide because their nudes that they’ve trusted to someone exposed them now they have to live constant badgering on about the subject. As a young kid there’s really little you can do to combat this issue. It’s always going to be brought to your attention on social media, friends could start to act different around you, major backlash from parents and even in a lot of cases even if you move those issues can follow you. 

I really don’t understand how some people can be so butt hurt over an ex to actually expose their nudes. As I said before, most of them are minor in which is considered obtaining and distributing child pornography. I hope the idiots decided it was perfectly okay to do so gets the damn book thrown at em.