JiNX thoughts on SNK 71: Shadis is kind of a dick!

Eren and the gang made it to the training site to meet up with Keith Shadis to see if he have any information that would be valuable to the SC. Here are some of my thoughts regarding Shadis in this chapter. I will make another post about Eren later on.


Shadis lost a lot of respect for me in this chapter, but not all of it.17


Shadis is a man that is driven by self worth, and what people think about him. During a conversation with Grisha, Grisha gave him a complement on going beyond the walls and being a member of the survey corps is for special and chosen people. As you can see this is his 1st time ever hearing something like this. This brings Shadis and Grisha closer, but l bet he wanted to hear that come out of Carla’s mouth and not Grisha, as we see in this chapter that Shadis obliviously had feelings for Carla, but Carla hated the survey corps. Later on an epidemic would break out and doctor Grisha will end up saving Carla’s life. In which, brings them closer together.


Gutted! Shadis is absolutely gutted! The bottom two panel is so important because everyone in attendance are expressing joy for Grisha and Carla being wed together, except for Shadis.


THE HURT! Shadis couldn’t even stay for the whole reception. On a real note, Shadis is feeling inferior. Not once did Carla think he was special. Carla thought he was an idiot for being in the Survey Corps, and now his relationship with Grisha and Carla will disintegrate because of his jealousy of Grisha being more special than him to win over Carla.



Shadis is now commander of the Survey Corps. He is heavily criticized, people saw Shadis command as a waste, so far as commander he hasn’t really achieved anything. Also, he is know for going a straight forward approach when it come to attacking titans during expeditions, which is getting a lot of his members killed. Even Shadis overhear that citizen saying that it is not a good look for everyone to die and Shadis is till coming back alive. People are actually starting to notice Erwin at this point with his tactics he implemented with his squad. Erwin did not lose a single member due to his tactics. Above are panels in which Shadis return from an expedition to find out that Carla now has a son for Grisha. With everything happening around Grisha he obviously take it out on Carla. Trying to make her feel less “special” and “important” in society because of her occupation and how she would never understand what is greatness.


You know what I like about the 1st panel? It could have been just an outburst after yet another useless mission, and it would have made sense like that. But that moment is much more significant. It is the moment Shadis finally admits, to himself more than anything, that he is not special. He’s just a normal person in an abnormal world. For all this time he selfishly seeked for people’s acknowledgement, that was all he wanted: to be noticed and recognized as special by everyone. And in this moment, the reality he built for himself finally collapses under the weight of the “real” reality. He loses his drive and does what he thinks is the only good thing he ever did: he passes the torch to special people. Special not only because of skills or intelligence but because their goal, their reasons go far beyond the normal, human need to be accepted and praised by others. They’re strong, so incredibly strong and they truly want to change the world, not only their reality.




Fast forward a couple of years, and Eren is now in training to become a soldier and Shadis is now an instructor. To avenge his mom from being eaten by the titans. In the 1st set of panels above you can see Shadis purposely damaging his 3D maneuver gear, so he won’t be able to past that stage and become a soldier. He does this not in spite of Eren because he’s not his child, but to “protect” Eren. He knew how Carla felt about the survey corps and he knew if Eren goes down this road of vengeance it would be highly likely he would just die. Ultimately though Eren does pass and Shadis tells himself that he was unable to change anything. Hence why this chapter is called “Bystander.”

Final Thoughts: I believe that Shadis had great potential in being a “special” in his terms. From what I can gather, I think he was an exceptional fighter, and most likely a great soldier to be able to be in line for a commanding position. Along the way, he got lost. He wanted all the recognition. Putting himself before humanity was his downfall and it snowballed on him to the point where he felt he was worthless. I believe if he would listen to the soldiers around him and seriously took everyone ideas (especially Erwin’s) he would’ve gotten the acknowledgement. Acknowledgement of being a great leader that utilize everyone under his command efficiently to get the job done and open a new era of success for the Survey Corps. Instead he took the approach of it’s my way or the highway. Shadis will have to take all the lives lost under his command to his grave. I wonder though…. will Isayama give Shadis redemption? Will we see Shadis in action in the upcoming chapters? With the fight with the Beast Titan coming, maybe he will have a roll. Maybe something he does will help Eren or save Connie (Connie wants revenge on the beast titan due to what he did to his mother) I don’t know. but I have a feeling that we haven’t seen the last of Shadis.





Jinx’s thoughts on Snk Chapter 70


Snk 70 is a pretty great chapter for this manga. Isayama finally get the ball moving, and rolling it fast. In this chapter, Historia runs an orphanage, Levi is caretaker of the serum, new technology advancements, and RB makes a return along with the beast titan.

We begin the chapter with Historia running around after kids in an orphanage that she overseas. Apparently, Levi had some involement for this orphange opening. It makes sense for the new orphanage. Both Historia and Levi had horrible childhoods, so it makes too much sense for them to start one.

One thing I’m going to monitor closely is Levi expressions in the upcoming chapter. Levi have been trusted with the serum. One would think that Levi will use it in an emergency situation. That situation could be around the corner as the RB and the beast titan is within the fallen wall and their goal is to retake the coordinate. Only the flow of that battle will dictate what he does with the serum. On a side note, I believe that Eren will hold his own in this battle. He’s been training hard and it was mentioned that with his harding ability he’s able to take out multiple titans at once. I have Eren winning the fight against the beast titan.

A lot of people, including myself, are happy with the technology advancements, but a lot are not happy that humanity found an efficient way to kill “mindless” titans. I’m pretty sure Isayama will continue to feed us the human vs titan combat that we love so very much from the beginning.

RB and the beast titan are in the fallen wall, and with the goal of retaking the coordinate. There’s just one issue tho. Crunchyroll is the place for the official translation. In their translation, the beast titan tells B that he could save R later as he I’d defeated by the beast titan. In an unofficial release mangapanda has the translation as the beast titan telling B that they would rescue Annie later. For now, I’m sticking with crunchyroll translation. At the moment, I don’t feel like these two are working fully on the same side. Also, I don’t believe the beast titan is Annie’s father. To me they seem like two totally different people.

Overall, SNK 70 is a great chapter. I hate that we will have to wait till August to get the next chapter as it was just getting really interesting. After the 2 month time skip I don’t see Eren losing like he did previously. He seem more matured, or heavily troubled from the memories he recieved. Either way, I think this Arc is going to be huge for Eren. Just hope he can stay sane.


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Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack on Titan chapter 69 Predictions and Beyond

While coming back home from a spring break trip, I binged watched Attack on Titan again. Anyways, I got back into reading the manga, and being heavily into the fandom. So without further introduction let me tell you guys what I think that’s going to happen next and my theory on where the show is going. I think this should go without saying, but if you only follow the anime then don’t read any further because…..spoilers,fte duh.

Chapter 68 to me is the ending point for the second season for the anime. Hopefully, the anime will put a little more filler during the fight with Rod. I was kinda disappointing on how un-epic it was, but I feel like Isayama needed to do this to move the story along as complaints rains in that the story is snailing along. In the end, after killing her dad you see Historia declaring that she is the true ruler of the walls.

At first I wasn’t excited at all when the plan was announce to place Historia as the rightful ruler. I thought it was going to be a switch of one pawn to another, and she would be a puppet to push the scouting legion agenda ahead. After chapter 68, I highly doubt that’s the case, and it pretty much started when she discarded her fake name of Krista Lenz.

” Krista probably would’ve been worried for everyone. Krista Lenz was a good girl. But Historia Reiss…. Historia’s parents never loved her. Nobody did. Quite the opposite. No one wanted her to be born. Her story isn’t even especially unusual. There are lots of kids like her in the underground… So? Everyone was disappointed, right? That the real me was this empty. That I’m nothing like the good girl Krista Lenz was.” – Historia to Eren 

You add this with stepping up to help fight her dad, and disregarding Erwin and Levi wishes for her to hide somewhere safe. So what kind of Queen will Historia be? I think she will be a queen that’s able to rule on her two feet. I think after her character development it would be a huge disservice if she ended up a puppet, even the slightest. And this where I believe her and Erwin will bump heads. I believe Historia is going to make decisions that’s going to rub a lot of people the wrong way. Isayama, the creator of Shingeki no Kyojin said in a interview that Historia and Ymir is indeed a couple. Currently, we know that she is upset at Ymir for leaving her to go back to the “homeland.” I believe that Ymir feels like she would never be accepted back into the walls, this goes for Reiner, and Bertholdt. I believe that Historia won’t be able to discard her feeling for Ymir, so she will pardon her, but nothing is so simple in SNK. Ymir will probably request that she does the same for Reiner and Bertholdt, and the whole “homeland.” But I’m getting a little ahead of myself, so lets get back to the story at hand.

Without a doubt, the next arc has to be the basement arc, and here when shit is going to get really good. Or I hope it does anyways since we waited this a long time. It’s going to be painfully long till we get to the basement however. First they must retake wall Maria. Often I hear other tell me that they could have easily send a small team in, and receive the contents of the basement. Not so fast my friend. We must remember that Eren house in under complete rubble. It would take some time for them to clear the debris. Also there could be citizens still trapped underground. I also believe that Historia wouldn’t even allow a secret mission to the basement, knowing that her citizens are still waiting to be saved. However, I don’t throw the “small team entry” theory out window. They could go at night when the titans aren’t normally active, have titan Eren clear the rubble and snag the contents of the basement, but where’s the fun in that? lol Eren is going to play a big role in this, by using his titan armor to seal the wall. The question is: Where on earth are they’re going to find another flask of armor? I’m going with that Eren only had to ingest the contents once to gain the armor ability forever. Now he just going to learn how to use it at will. Or maybe another character will come out with the know how to create another flask of armor. Or back again to the small team to the basement, and they will have one there.

Annie, are you okay?…. Are you okay Annie?

I believe this next arc we will see the return of Annie. Currently, there’s not a lot of manpower at Historia’s disposal to launch an offensive to retake Wall Maria. Thinking of Ymir. She will verbally give Annie a chance to “redeem” herself by lending her strength, and disclosing any information she knows about the “homeland” also to reveal that titan shifters and regular humans can live behind the same walls. In which, Annie will un-crystallize herself. Also, what’s a better way for Eren to learn how to control and use his abilities at will? That’s right, from another titan shifter. Misaka….. is going to to lose her shit. And this is where Armin will disgree, and maybe, just maybe planning other things behind her back. Erwin of course will accept this gamble. I say this because Isayama said in an interview don’t be surprise if Armin and Eren don’t be the best of friends going down the stretch, and this is my reason why. Recently, we saw Eren come to terms of what he’s actually is and how he always convinced himself it was because he was special. Now he realize that he is not special, and there’s a lot more titan shifters walking around than just him. I believe, as Annie trains him he will grow close to Annie, and understand her more to the point where he wants to protect her. They will reclaim wall maria, get to the basement, uncover it secrets, then go and confront “the homeland”

That’s as far I would like to share at the moment. This post is getting longer than I thought, but I will leave you guys with some bits of other things that will happen. Here we go.

Connie will be the next major character to die, or get transformed into a titan. After seeing what the beast titan did to his home town, and his mom he verbally says he going to kill him. That chip on his shoulder will be the end of him. As I think Isayama will use Connie as an example to show how the beast titan turns humans into titans, and Hanji will most likely be drooling in excitement while this goes on lol. Sasha will be the one to put him down.

I want to say Misaka will be forever by Eren’s side, but I wonder. What’s up with the Ackerman bloodline? And will it cause a thrift between her and Eren. Personally, I ship Eren and Annie together. Eren and Misaka could totally happen, but not in the state their current relationship is in. Think about it. Eren has always been pushing Misaka away. Even though they’re step siblings, it’s still a sibling relationship, or at least in Eren’s eyes anyways. Eren needs to get over feeling like a burden to Misake by having her protect him all the time. In chapter 68, you see Eren punching himself for being pathetic. The roles needs to change, or Eren must feel like he’s on par with Misaka’s abilities. And Misaka has to stop treating Eren like he can’t protect himself.

That’s it for now. Another theory, another time.