How I Fell Back In Love With Metalcore. 

At that strange stage in you’re life. The stage where you’re most likely in High School and worrying about what others may think of you or where you exactly fall in line in perspective as in social groups I’ve lost my way I guess you can say. As a young black teen living in Southern Louisiana, the majority of my ethnic group (around 98%) listened to rap, and that it. My other “close” friends was into country. You was kinda shunned away if you was into metalcore or Rock because you seem “unstable.” And the people that did dressed in all black, I guess you could call them emo or scene kids. Anyways. Me trying to fit in with the “normal” people cause me to steer away from a genre that I loved. I honestly love all genre of music, just as long as I can vibe with it. 

Fast forward the clock, I’m just out here living life. My friend Mendoza that was also in the Army at the time told me to listen to this group that was becoming big called Crown The Empire. He told me go and check out their EP Limitless. And before you know it, I’m downloading the rest of their albums, and checking in on other bands like Memphis May Fire, Bullet for my Valentines, and A Day to Remember. 

It’s funny. It’s funny looking back at things and just thinking. “God. I was such a idiot to deviate from something I liked just worrying about getting judge.” Worrying about something so petty could’ve steer me in the wrong path and I probably missed meeting some pretty cool fucking people. So let’s all take time and revisit stuff you’ve love and you also can fall back in love with it. 

P.S: I know Crown the Empire gets a lot of crap for being a shitty metalcore band, but they’ll still my favorite right now and had been for the past two years 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽


Can the “Nitty Gritty” be a thing again?…Plz!

Every so often I get a gem in my email, or Twitter DM from you guys. I was talking to someone about raving, but then the conversation went to dances. Personally, I can barely keep up with dances that you have to learn, they’re forever changing, so I more or a raver than going to a club that may put you on the spot to perform a certain dance that you have no idea existed. For example. Do you know there’s a dance called da dolphin? Check it out.

However! There’s always the exception. The exception in this case is the “Nitty Gritty.” The dance was popular back in the 60’s. Check it out.

I’m going to be honest. I want this to be a thing again. I can picture my friends drunk off their asses trying to do this, thus providing me a lot of laughs. Selfish, I know, but more than likely I would be right in the mix. On a real note, my gf and I did take formal ballroom dancing last winter to go to this Valentine’s ballroom dancing event, and it definitely spark my interest on “classic” or “formal” dancing. My friends hinted to do swing dancing, but between work, cross-fit, and now grad school semester coming up I just don’t have the time. What do you guys think? Should the Nitty Gritty make a comeback, or should it stay back in the 60’s? What dance from the past do you wanna see mainstream again?



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Silent Disco!


Silent Disco

Last weekend, my friends and I decided to check out this thing that’s called a “Silent Disco.” A silent disco is an musical event either by a DJ or love music, but you wear a pair of headphones to listen to the sound. Being my 1st time, it was weird. Normally, when I go to these event or to a club it’s for the atmosphere. Loud music with the crowd into the performance. At a silent disco, it’s the opposite. All you hear is the music from the headphones. It really does make you pay attention to the body language around you. A couple of times I caught myself briefly looking at my friends faces for their emotional facial expressions to try and connect with them on some kind of level. One plus is that you don’t have to scream to talk to someone. Just remove one side of the headphones and you can talk to your friends without yelling at the top of your lungs. It can be quite hilarious when you take your headphones off, and you hear everyone around you singing quietly like they’re not trying to be loud and disturb anybody.


My bud Nikki at our 2nd silent disco

Our second one was a lot better. I think I’m getting use to it. Just go and have fun and try not to think about how much it’s different from other events. It have is own unique experience.

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JiNX’s Top 5 Song Remixes from Kids’ Shows

One of the best things about the internet is when content creators share their creations online. Today I’m giving you guys my top 5 remixed songs from kids shows.






Did i leave out anything worth sharing? Let me know in the comments below!


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Get JiNXED #8: My Guilty Pleasures

So…. let me tell you some of my guilty pleasures. Don’t judge me.

1: Spa days – I love spa days. Naturally, I’m really hairy, but ever since I got tattoos I never wanted my hair to over grow and cover them up I guess….. I know you’re probably making a face, but it’s not that much hair. Anyways, I like my skin to be smooth, so I get everything waxed. I love wearing sandals in the summer, so yeah I go and get my toes done with anybody that’s willing to go with me, haha. Deep massages?  Yeah I love that too. This is something every girlfriend I had enjoyed doing with me. Not only that, but I have two god daughters, so you already I drag them sometimes. Gotta take care of yourself, stay looking good my friends.

2: Taylor Swift – Let me say that I think that Taylor Swift is on alot of males guilty pleasure list. Why guilty pleasure though? It’s because the amount of hate she receives and that she is known for her “break up” albums which is not manly to admit too. Even though the same people that’s judging are listening to Drake emotional ass music. I love Taylor and her music.

3: Fuck you Chef Ramsay, I can do it by myself – I’m from southern Louisiana. If you don’t know we’re famed for our cooking. Since I moved out of louisiana on my own I had to cook for myself or for my company. Whenever I have company over I always put on a show like I have my own cooking channel which get everybody involved in the kitchen.

4: Musicals – I can quote Mary Poppins….. I love when my god children wants to see something musical related because again I can put it off as “doing it for the kids.”

5: Really long showers – You here people say all the time that when night time comes around is when your thoughts go wild. For me is when I’m in the shower. I can literally stand in the shower for an hour just thinking about life. It’s relaxing to me. Afterwards I sleep like a baby. No staying up past midnight for this guy.

Well that’s 5 for now. Will share more down the road. Later ladies and gent and. ….. don’t judge me.


Get JiNXED #7 : Dance Jamie, dance!

Simple blog today. Here’s a little vid I took Sunday w/ me and my friends. I brought a couple of friends w/ me to my Crossfit box before the 2014 crossfit games came on. Great time. I need more Sunday’s like this one.