Trip back to Louisiana: Simple Joys


Cassie ❤ literally the best photo my phone has taken

This weekend, I traveled home to Louisiana to visit my family, friends, and to clean off my best friend grave that I lost a year ago to a hot and run.

I’ve been enjoying the simple things, catching up with friends, attending my family crawfish boil, and taking my dog Cassie for a walk at our favorite trail. Not much change since my last visit. If anything, my loved ones are very well. Four of my relatives are expected to graduate this semester. Anthony finally got the hang of running my late grandad business, and Corey has interviews lined up. I really hope Corey gets a good job. He’s so frustrated, and unhappy at his current job because he feels like he isn’t putting his degree to use.

It was a lovely visit. Currently, I’m just waiting on my plane to takeoff. I have a lot of work to do in Austin in the weeks coming up, so a nice break with my family was much needed.

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What I miss about the country v1.1

Living in downtown Austin is cool, but I definitely miss home; Lacombe, Louisiana. Some experiences you can do here, but it’s not the same, but here’s a few.

I miss 4 wheellin’ in the mud.

I miss fishing.

I miss hunting.

I miss country girls that not afraid to get dirty… Hell, I just miss country girls in general.

I miss “simple” people. Majority of the people I met in the city will tell you anything to impress you, even if it’s not true.

I miss not being called out or have to explain my accent everytime I open my damn mouth.

I miss not being able to go in my backyard and grill, have a barn fire, or just watching the stars.

I miss having sex without the neighbors learning your name.

I miss crawfish boils.

I miss the relationships you make in a small community, and if a natural disaster hits you’re automatically considered family.

I miss the quiet.

I miss my dog Cassie, and playing with her in the yard.

I miss watching my dad fall asleep sitting up everyday 7pm on the clock.

That’s just a few of the things I missed. I’m glad I made the move here, but I get homesick from time to time.

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Break up: Unrequited Love

Today, I had to do something I needed to do. It was very difficult, but I broke up with my girlfriend because of unrequited love. Basically, I was way into her than she was with me, and I’ve been disrespected in this relationship a lot. There was a lot of thinking to try and figure out what part of this was my doing, and what I could do to change it. I thought I did everything right. I showed her off to all my friends, planned exciting dates or at least what we were into, helped her out financially when she needed it, drop all my plans just to be with her when she needed me, but I never could get that from her. Not even a phone call.

I have not been lucky in love. I’ve been blessed with some amazing moments over the years, but somehow have managed to choose partners who did not want what I wanted, did not feel what I felt, and did not want to walk beside me into a future together. Unrequited love s toxic, and can eat you alive.

Right now it’s taking how much time I need to heal properly before even thinking about a next relationship. Trying to give someone my all while healing is a recipe for disaster, we all know this. For those of you have been blessed to find romantic love that is equally shared, I truly admire this, and I have set the intention to find it one day. It all starts with being aware, open, and ready. I don’t regret none of it. You live and learn.

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Mardi Gras 2015

It’s carnival time! That time of the year when you, family, and friends can be pretty much as drunk as you want in public and not get arrested. But seriously, there’s nothing like Mardi Gras in New Orleans.


French Quater

Mardi Gras eve was pretty gloomy, but the French Quater was still looking beautiful as ever. It was mostly cold and rainy throughout the whole day, but the vodka warms the blood nicely!


Jamie and her southern hat

I’m was born and raised 25 miles from New Orleans, but this is Jamie’s first Mardi Gras. The New York native hanged pretty well with us southerners.


You don't need cups. Straight bottles of wine.


Mardi Gras was beautiful as always. It feels like since hurricane Katrina it’s only getting bigger and bigger. Honestly, this year the parades seemed so long, which is a great thing. The parades itself seems to keep moving without many stops. The police were super friendly to everyone. The only reason you would’ve went to jail if you was passout drunk, disrupting the parade itself, or disturbing somebody else intentional via fighting or whatever. On Bourbon street of course you had people flashing for beads, but the cops didn’t really mind as long as you kept that activity on Bourbon street alone. Topless go getters with only body paint on. It’s weird because two years ago they were coming down on that harshly. I wonder why the sudden switch? My gf, friends and I enjoyed a lot of the live music and Dj’s mardi gras night. It never fails to attract the best in the biz.


Gotcha pops!

Coming home for a visit wouldn’t be complete without having my poor pops all tired and sleeping while sitting up! On a second note, look how beautiful my dog Cassie looks! I really do miss them at times, but the good thing about Austin,TX  is that I can visit them anytime I want.

Dance God’s be with me…

Tonight is the night. The white and red tux is ready to go. My body is ready, and hopefully my mind will be too… Jamie and I been taking ball room dancing lessons to learn a routine, so I wouldn’t be a total noob at it when we have the floor. Jamie is pretty much a pro, so I’m excited to show her how far I came.

Confession time… You know when you see a black guy at a party, or whatever gathering and you just say to yourself “I bet that mofo can dance.” Then he proceeds to dance like Elaine from Seinfeld. Yeah.. I’m that black guy, but not tonight! It’s kinda funny that me and Jamie swap when it comes to racial sterotypes. She’s the white girl that can dance effortlessly. I just try and keep up. Anyways, I’m excited. Tonight I’ll be cha cha’n into those panties.

Valentine’s Day: 50 Shades of Grey


Last night I asked Jamie if she made up her mind if she wanted to see the 50 Shades of Grey movie for valentines before we set out for our ballroom dancing event. Her exact words were “ No! I wanna see it, but not in a room full of other horny women.” Anyways, I’m sure many will go and see the movie on the release date. Recently, critics released on what they thought about the movie.

Justin Craig from Fox News says “ Sure there’s plenty of nudity, but more salacious material is shown every day on cable. It’s not even close to late night Cinemax. You’ll find more disturbing images in Saw or Game of Thrones.”

Rafer Guzman from Newsday’s says “ You might be equally agog at how an R-rated film full of kinky sex and dirty talk could be so painfully dull. The actors are attractive, and we see just about every naked inch of them. Despite all the waist-down action, though, the movie has no pulse. What’s more, it’s dead from the neck up.”

Justin Chang from Variety says “Unfortunately, it’s a drama that can scarcely sustain one movie, let alone three. And as our heroine becomes ever more aware of just how dark Christian’s dark side is, Fifty Shades of Grey starts to lose it’s sense of humor and elicit the wrong kind of giggles-climaxing with a hilariously overblown S&M montage laden with so many slow-motion dissolves as the suggest that Ana wasn’t the only one wearing a blindfold during the assembly.”

My thoughts: I think this is important. Many people I talk to think it’s going to be really explicit because of the content of the book. I’ve read two books out of the trilogy, and for the most part I love it. At times the book dialog is poorly written and it can get repetitive at times. It’s something to let your mind run free as you’re reading. I anticipate 50 Shades of Grey is going to be very successful during it’s opening weekend . Marketing the movie on Valentines is really going to help this movie. After the opening weekend, I feel like it’s really going to die off. There are several books that make incredible movies, but I don’t think erotica will do well in this transition. Just going to have to wait and see, and when I do end up seeing it I wil give you guys my official thoughts.

What Women need to understand about Men.

By the end of this post ladies hopefully you have a better understatement about men. Just like you guys have certain traits, so do we. Lets divulge

The Guy Code

There’s obvious strict dos and don’t that we will never violate. We don’t sleep around with our friends family member, keep our friends infidelities a secret, and whenever there’s a fight we back each other up. The problem is that women don’t understand how we can stick with our buddies even if we don’t agree with the morality of an judgment. There’s no judgment in the guy code.

The need to fix things

“Call Mike the mechanic? Hell no! I can’t fix this!… Mkay. Don’t believe me, just watch!” I’m a total bio nerd. I work in a lab for a living, but whenever something breaks it gives me an opportunity to whip out my toolbox or whatever I need to fix whatever broken. It’s just in a mans DNA. If we cannot fix it we call our bros over, brainstorm, and work while knocking back beers. It’s a male bonding experience, it’s just something we do. Again, the need to fix things just runs through our veins.

Fart Humor

I don’t get why we find farting situations hilarious, but we just do. Instead on rolling the windows down in the car we roll them up and make everyone in the car suffer.

Constantly Adjusting Our Junk

Everthing is moving around down there. Depending on the underwear our junk is chafing, pinching, and squeezing. So please… Pleeaassseee spare us from the disgusting looks or your eye rolls. You don’t have to live with big ass dick and balls.


I don’t get why women haven’t hopped on the sandwich train yet. They’re sandwiches! With unlimited sandwich combos! How?! How you ladies are not crazy about them?!

Destined To Be Grill Gods

You’re not a man until you can BBQ or grilling something with with grade A proficiency. Just like women may pass down recipes from generation to generation. Men pass this down to their sons. It’s enjoyable. Stand around the grill knocking back beer talking about oh well the meat is cooking with your guy friends around.

We like getting treated from time to time

As men I fell like majority of the time were making plans for dates, etc, etc. However, I can tell you it’s really appreciated when a girl tell us. My girlfriend Jamie told me “Hey I date night Saturday night. Dress casual. See your cute ass soon.” I was completely shocked! She even gave me flowers for that night. It’s rare, but just know it’s definitely appreciated and it’s a great idea introduce your man to something that you’re into. Also, trust me your man will most likely brag to your boys about it. Shit my girl brought me flowers and shit and took me out. What your girl doing?

Why we can’t ask for help.

Just like the reason we believe we can fix things. We can do anything and work through any problem. We just need some more time.

Holding on to certain objects.

As men there’s item that we refuse to replace. Like our favorite wallet, boots/shoes, watches, and even down to out comfortable holy underwear. So please ladies don’t try to understand. Just let us do us in this department.

Video Games

Ladies you may think they’re childish and we should grow up, but hear me out. I understand that you may not want to play COD, Destiny, GTAV, 2k, Madden or whatever with us for hours straight. A lot of guys don’t like to sit around watching movies or shows for end on end. Games combine our love of action, adventure with out love of competition. This is something you just have to let go.

Why we hate shopping so much

It’s annoying, boring, and expensive. Yes you look pretty. Yes that dress makes your hips/ass look perfect. Yes that new push up bra will push your boobs right in front of your face. CAN WE JUST PLEASE GO!

The Toilet Seat

We honestly try to remember to put the toilet seat down ladies we really do, but we’re on autopilot when urinating. I’m truly really sorry babe that you got your butt wet because you tried to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, and the seat was up.