America’s Secret Space Plane X-37b Return to Earth.

The Boeing X-37b is an American reusable unmanned spacecraft operated by the US Air force. USAF says the spacecraft is intended to demonstrate reusable space technologies. As of 2013, it holds the world record for being the smallest robotic, unmanned space-plane. X-37b is returning to Earth after a 22 month mission orbiting the Earth. A lot of speculation comes the secrecy of the space plane mission. The theories out there are countless! Some say it’s for spy satellites to catch images of political hot spots, space weaponry that’s being tested. What ever the reason may be the Air Force maintains that’s its solely a test vehicle. Their primary mission statement is “To test spacecraft technologies for Americas’s future in Space and operating experiments which can be returned to and examined on Earth.” Some things to notice about the space craft that it only have a payload size of about a pick up truck, we know Boeing built the planes, but because it is a classified project we do not know the cost. The project itself is not really a secret. We know when the plane take off and when it lands, but what happens in between and what is it carrying in the payload if any is what all the speculation is about.

My thoughts: I think many people misunderstand the X-37B concept. I have seen many X-planes at the Air Force Museum. They are generally weird looking and impractical for any “real world” operational mission. To argue the X-37 is not a good B-37 or A-37 misses the point that this space X-plane is for technology demonstration. In the next 20 years we may very well see a reusable 2-stage or Single-Stage orbiter that traces its techno roots to the X-37B.

What about you guys? Is the X-37b is everything the government say it is or does it have greater mission?