My Thoughts On Tokyo Ghoul Chapter 45

Due to the fact that the Tsukiyama family had to gather more food for Shuu when we was suffering from clinical depression and Haise mask operation to gather information we are finally set for the showdown between the Tsukiyama family and the CCG. What i really love about this chapter is that you get a little bit more insight on the politics within this world as the CCG has turned a blind eye to ghouls that controls a lot and have major influence when it comes to money. Koori has been assigned to oversee and conduct the “Exterminate Tsukiyama Operation.” Ishida sets this up pretty well and I think we all feel like there’s going to be a major change for a lot of characters lives coming out of this.

Let’s talk about Haise and Shuu for a moment. They’re last interaction was interesting with Haise out right asked Shuu if he was a ghoul, and now we see Shuu deep in thought and more likely than not it’s about Haise. I don’t believe Shuu will see Haise when the operation goes down because of Shuu dad knocking him out and tells Matsumae “I’ll leave him to you.” Which means that Matsumae will make sure Shuu stays alive. The question is what Shuu is going to think about the whole situation when he wakes up? I believe his thoughts will go back to Haise asking him that question and believe that Haise set the whole operation up to kill his family since Shuu only contact with the CCG was through Haise.

Mutsuki and Urie friendship has blossoms and I like it. I think in the future it will be dissolved to a point, but for now I’m loving it. Saiko is being adorable as always.

Speaking of Kanae, I feel sorry for him. I know a lot of people don’t love his character, but I loved his development and his personal battles. Eto told to Kanae that she will give him one of her bones. This is a reference to the book of genesis from the bible and I believe Eto’s “bone” is her kagune that she implanted in Kanae. One thing I am excited about this whole process is that we may gets answers about Noro. We see that Kanae is surrounded by clocks. Noro actions are triggered/controlled by the clock that he carries on him.

Finally there’s Haise. I don’t know why I’m so surprised to find out that Akira was ordered to be a motherly figure to Haise, so I don’t know if she truly cares for Haise or if this is a front. Maybe at first she didn’t, but maybe since it has been a couple of years she kind of does.  If Akira is faking these emotions, she’s dead to me. As I said earlier, I don’t think Haise will see Shuu during this operation. After this operation depending on the outcome we could see Haise and his squad going back to gathering information on ghouls dressed up as ghoul. I have always believe that Haise will defect from CCG and Arima and Akira will be tasked out to deal with him. After this chapter, I still believe that Kaneki will not completely “devour” Haise. I believe somehow the two will merge into one.

Tokyo Ghoul is still proving that it’s a great series. Chapter 46 can’t come out fast enough.

Japan does it again! Introducing the pillow companion!


Everybody knows Japan can get quite weird, and as always they have not let us down with this new pillow. Japan has an anime huggy pillow. The anime pillow responds to your rubbing with moans and groans, and gets angry if you get too grabby. Cannot make this up.


You can rub the character breast, crotch, and you have a love/hate meter to grade your performance. Jinx don’t judge. If humping pillows is your thing, go for it! It’ll cost you around $2,560.00 though…

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Red bean flavored Kit Kat…. Wut?

When you sit back and think about Japan. One thing that might standout is their hilarious and some time very confusing commercials or an idea that we may find very weird. Well I stumble on something that you may find weird. You know what is a Kit Kat bar is right? The two pieces of chocolate that have that catchy jingle “Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece o’ that Kit Kat bar! That chocolatey taste is gonna make your day, Everywhere you go you hear the people say! Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece o’ that Kit Kat bar!” Japan of course has two very interesting flavors.






I actually wanted to get these and try them out, but the shipping would be over $80. Not that curious to do a taste tests. I’m still wondering how items like these don’t get discontinued after awhile in Japan. I could only imagine that the taste is horrid. To each their own I guess.