PhD Grind: I’m so Extra?? 

Random but important !!

Don’t ever let people make you feel bad for spending time on your notes/making your notes look more etc. Our even something you’re doing in your current endeavors. So many times I’ve had people say ‘that’s a waste of time’ or ‘you’re so extra’ and it just like….. Wtf. 

If spending an extra 2-5 minutes to make your notes look a little organize is going to help you learn them better, or even if it just makes studying tolerable then that’s okay??? Keep doing it!! 

There’s honestly no worse people than the people who will try and make you feel bad about doing something you want to do. 

Success Takes Sacrifices. 

you can’t live the life you have & the life you want at the same time. You have to choose one. You have to change your habits completely.

Decide who it is you want to be, life is going to demand something entirely different for each decision.

Alot of people want to be successful but aren’t willing to give up the good for the great. They don’t want to live average lives, but maintain average habits. They want to work 40 hours a week, but not 80 to live their dreams.

Chasing your dreams isn’t a part time hustle. It’s more like 2 full time jobs. Living a few years, how others won’t- to spend the rest of your life how others dream.

Don’t let people fool you with their words and intentions. Don’t guide yourself by the habits of those who aren’t where you want to be. The road to success is a lonely one. We all have different obstacles to over come, and you need as little distractions in your life as possible.

Battling With The Feeling Of Uncertainty. 

In my mid twenties, you would think I would be use to this feeling of uncertainty. I’ve came a long way, accomplished many tasks, so in my mind I’m thinking I should have the confidence to meet certain deadlines of basic things that are “underneath” of what I did previously. I don’t know. I guess it’s a good thing because it keeps me sharp. It gets me to not get sloppy with my work or whatever I’m trying to accomplish. As they say, pressure can create dust or diamonds. I’m just trying not to break with everything going on right now. 

Why I choose to study biological engineering.

Usually when I’m out and about meeting new people and tell them I earned a degree in biological engineering I usual get “ew.” Mostly think I do it for the money thay this degree brings, which is not true. Let’s take a trip down memory lane. Keep in mind that I was a C average student and nowhere near wanting to study biology. I had interest in the science, but I never thought I was smart enough to obtain a science degree. It was really a miracle that I was accepted into LSU. Like most colleges, LSU is set up where you can’t declare a major your freshman year. At that time, I really didn’t know what I wanted to choose as my major. That semester I took sixteen credit hours. Two of those classes were both the lecture and the lab for biology. I hated the lecture, it just reminded me of highschool all over again. In the lab it was a totally different story. I enjoy working with the equipment, making wet mounts and doing experiments. After awhile the biology lab is what I looked forward to every week. One day, I made a wet slide of a plant. I clamped the wet slide to the electron microscope, focused it and I was blown away! I could see all the green dots (chloroplast) moving within the cell. To me it was pretty damn cool to see the disk-like structure that is responsible for capturing light and using it to change carbon dioxide from the air we breathe into usable sugars for the cell in a process known as photosynthesis. Sitting around after class I finally felt like I’ve found what I want to do. Eventually, I would commit to biological engineering.

Getting this degree was definitely a journey. It consumed me and totally changed my lifestyle.  Like I said, I was never the really smart guy. I had to study my ass off and doing internships to get some experience when I got closer to graduating. Sometimes, I feel like it costed me relationships with my significant others at the time and weakened my bonds with friends and family. I was so stress during the semesters because there was so much to learn. In the end, it was all worth it. Now I’m working as a research assistant. I’m so blessed I get to say “I don’t got to go to work.” Instead I’m saying, “I get to go to work.”


Get JiNXED #9: Reenlistment Decision

If you didn’t know, I’m a soldier in the Texas Army National Guard, current rank E5/SGT. I have a little more than a year left on my current contract. Overall, I love the guard, but I’m still leaning towards of not reenlisting. I joined the guard to be apart of something bigger than myself and the education. My educational goals have been met, but I still love being apart of the guard. Let’s look at my current options.

Reenlist: When this contract is all said and done I will have served 6yrs. If I do decide do reenlist, most likely it will be on another 6×2 contract. Basically, I’m looking at it as if I do reenlist I might as well make it a career. I think it would be kind of crazy for me to have 12yrs in and not to do 8 more years to so I can retire. Also, I would switch to the officer side. I was tested again and I achieved the 110 GT score needed to become an officer. My leadership say I have the tools to become an excellent officer, but of course they’re not going to tell you otherwise if they think you would be a horrible one. What it all comes down to is: ETS or 14yrs as a officer.

ETS: Also known as getting the fuck out. Doing medical research, I feel like that I am contributing to something bigger than myself. While serving you will sacrifice a lot to serve this great country. You can miss important dates like birthdays, the birth of your own child, family members weddings and many more. Deployments can put a lot of strain on your family. I can live comfortable with this job I have. I can even afford grad school by myself if I choose to go back. With that in mind, I’m leaning more to getting out. I don’t want my family to be worried sick about me going off to fight a war anymore. I want to be there for those important events like my child first word, steps, seeing them off to elementary school and everything that comes with being a parent one day.

Bonus option? Air Guard Pilot: I’ve flirted with this idea many of times. I have a science degree, good medical standing and the asvab score and it was something I fantasized about when I was a kid. That dream has kind of faded as I grew older, but now that I know that’s its a realistic goal the itch has returned. I would have to go to a recruiter and get all the details.

Three options. Not an easy choice to make at the moment, but I have a year to sit down and think what I want out of life when it comes to this issue. At the end of the day, I’m sure I will be happy with my decision.


Get JiNXED #6: Thank you!


(About to steal your girl. I look sexy af in my lab coat)

I don’t do these types of blogs as much as I should be. Definitely, the way you guys been there for me on this crazy ride. Just want to tell you guys thank you! Thanks for all the love and support. There’s a lot of you guys that been following ever since I was on YouTube. That was 7yrs ago! Then moved with me when I transitioned to twitch. This spring, I left twitch because I graduated and got a full time job to support me, my crossfit goals and social life leaves little to no time for games. Now I’m back just to blogging and I’m still getting love from the same people 7yrs ago with additional new faces!

Turning the chapter on being a content creator for youtube or live streaming from twitch was bitter sweet. You guys and I knew that there was a bigger goal I was reaching. I wanted to see what my life would look like if I didn’t count the cost and willing to go further than what anybody willing do to from my community. You guys helped me do that. Being from country ass Lacombe, Louisiana it wasn’t cool to be smart and be heavily into any science. During exchanging emails, videos while I was a youtuber you guys in stilled the attitude of  “fuck them, I have to do what makes me happy.” Once I start doing that I started to blow up. Not just in my academics, but as a content creator, streamer, friend, and as a lover. You guys gave me that kick start to follow my passions and not to harm but don’t take no shit either.

Almost a year ago, I was having a quater of a century life crises. Didn’t help that I lost my best friend Brandon this year to a hit and run. As always, you guys came in as extra support and dragged me out of my mess. This year as I make 26 in December has the total opposite feel to it. I’m not stressed thinking about what I’m going to do with my life, holding on to hatred or fighting people to stay in my life. It’s a eerie calmness that I haven’t felt since 5+ years. My life feels complete. I feel whole. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Hopefully, when I help find a cure for cancer I can put you all in my memoir when im old and grey. To tell my story that you can find strength to accomplish great things from people you never personally met. As always I’m here you too. You can email me at or follow me on Twitter @AnoleCreole i follow everyone back so you can DM me privately. I’m always catching myself answering emails or DMs at 2am in the morning. I truly enjoy it. Love you guys.