Where Did My Passion To Play Rank Went? #LeagueofLegends

As this season ends, I currently finished as unranked. I rarely played this season logging in about 45 games. Currently, I only play when my friends ask me to join up, and we will all play normal draft for shits and giggles. I had the itch to play mid season, but life got a little busy. I was promoted to assistant director position, and being in the Army National Guard my schedule was all out of wack. Now I have stability, maybe it’s time to join back into League on ranked, and maybe reignite the passion.

A lot of people that know me will tell you that I’ve lost a lot of passion for the game. In season 6 I ranked Plat II. Also I was heavy into e-sports. I would watch it religiously, but this season I maybe watched a handful of matches, and the number of matches I would played dwindled about 70% in this season.

But! League is changing somethings up this year that could re-spark my heavy passion again in League. One of the things I have my eyes on is the new runes. Hopefully, It’ll give us more ways to build your favorite champion. Among other things, I’m happy to see the changes that are being made going into this new season.

I’m going to going to give it a go, and if I do decide to go ranked I will be streaming on twitch! I’m planning on starting streaming again regardless, but it’ll be interesting to go back on the road to diamond as it can fill in content for a YouTube channel.  In the end, I really want to enjoy this game like I use too. I’ll write again in a week to give you guys my impressions on the new runes and such and see where I stand with it, so stay tuned!


Tips On Surviving Thanksgiving 2015

It’s November already. While you may already thinking about Christmas, you have to remember that you have to survive Thanksgiving first. For some Thanksgiving can be a very pleasant experience, but for some a couple of days back at home with your family can be very draining. Here are some tips for surviving Thanksgiving 2015.

Prepare Yourself: You know your family better than I do. You’ve been through many Thanksgivings before this one, so you should have an idea on what to expect. If you need meditation the night before, do it. Hide a couple of small bottles of alcohol or fill your flask with the good stuff. If you’re hosting the event make seating arrangements for the meal itself. If you have kids have them make cute name signs and have them place it. Adults usually are not going to change the seating if they know a child did it to avoid hurting his/her feelings because who wants an emotional child during Thanksgiving? Nobody. Don’t cook everything. Have members that coming to bring a dish.

Avoid Heavy Topic: When I say avoid heavy topics, I’m talking about politics or anything that usually get people fired up. Avoid it like the plaque. Break out into song or twerk if you have to.

Leave Social Media Alone: Not because it’s rude to your family, but because all you going to see on social media is your friend’s plate of foods and sadness. Also it’s Facebook law that 80% of your friends must complain about something.

Don’t Be An Early Bird: If you have the luxury of not having to stay with family during the night before Thanksgiving then stay your ass in bed till noonish. If you’re up watching the Thanksgiving parade with them you’re doing it wrong.

Keep the Kids Occupied: For the love of god have something set up for the kids. Have a game station set up for them or movies. Having a dedicated room for them would be ideal. If you have a teenager that’s perfect. Their job can be keeping the kids in line instead of staring into their phones all day long.

Get Out Of the Damn House: Nowhere it’s written that says you have to spend the day eating and just watching football. One of the things I actually like about my thanksgiving is that we actually get to play backyard football or go mudding. These events can bring you closer as a family.

That’s all I have for now. Have anything tips that I might’ve missed? Post them and your thoughts below!




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Mardi Gras 2015

It’s carnival time! That time of the year when you, family, and friends can be pretty much as drunk as you want in public and not get arrested. But seriously, there’s nothing like Mardi Gras in New Orleans.


French Quater

Mardi Gras eve was pretty gloomy, but the French Quater was still looking beautiful as ever. It was mostly cold and rainy throughout the whole day, but the vodka warms the blood nicely!


Jamie and her southern hat

I’m was born and raised 25 miles from New Orleans, but this is Jamie’s first Mardi Gras. The New York native hanged pretty well with us southerners.


You don't need cups. Straight bottles of wine.


Mardi Gras was beautiful as always. It feels like since hurricane Katrina it’s only getting bigger and bigger. Honestly, this year the parades seemed so long, which is a great thing. The parades itself seems to keep moving without many stops. The police were super friendly to everyone. The only reason you would’ve went to jail if you was passout drunk, disrupting the parade itself, or disturbing somebody else intentional via fighting or whatever. On Bourbon street of course you had people flashing for beads, but the cops didn’t really mind as long as you kept that activity on Bourbon street alone. Topless go getters with only body paint on. It’s weird because two years ago they were coming down on that harshly. I wonder why the sudden switch? My gf, friends and I enjoyed a lot of the live music and Dj’s mardi gras night. It never fails to attract the best in the biz.


Gotcha pops!

Coming home for a visit wouldn’t be complete without having my poor pops all tired and sleeping while sitting up! On a second note, look how beautiful my dog Cassie looks! I really do miss them at times, but the good thing about Austin,TX  is that I can visit them anytime I want.

“I can’t deal…. the penguins are coming…”


Drunk Rosilia underneath the blanket

This is the scene 1am as we’re going to crash at Terrance place. A drunk Rosilia underneath the covers going on and on about how the penguins was coming and that she wasn’t ready to die yet…. Apparently, Happy Feet being on TV at the moment when we walked in was too much for her.

If you was wondering yes, we did take advantage of the pizza deals on the magazines. As Jamie will say “fuck penguins, get pizza.” Right before she passes out before the pizza ever get here. Shout out to Daminoes for delivering when they was suppose to close!


Get JiNXED #7 : Dance Jamie, dance!

Simple blog today. Here’s a little vid I took Sunday w/ me and my friends. I brought a couple of friends w/ me to my Crossfit box before the 2014 crossfit games came on. Great time. I need more Sunday’s like this one.


GET JiNXED 4: Mom’s Bday. New Q/A format.


[Above: My mom next to a mustang in the casino]

Happy 59th to my mom! Crazy how time always fly by so quickly. Moving to Austin has put a strain on our relationship. A lot of it is on my end. I just don’t tell her a lot of detail of what’s going on in my life and what I’m doing. Like she was surprised when I came back home for her bday with new tattoos or the fact that I took a permanent job in Austin and moved downtown in the city. Sometimes she takes it as I don’t want her deep in my life, but that’s far from the truth. I just don’t share a lot of things with people. I’ll put it on my instagram or other social media and that’s about it for sharing. Both my parents don’t utilize social media, so I need to directly talk to them more. Always will have max respect for her and the impact she has and continue to have in my life. I go back to Austin on Sunday and I’m dreading it. Anyways, she wanted to go to the casino, so I gave her some bills and that what we did. Great to be around the family and catching up with them all.


[Above: My dog Cassie]

I miss this fury beast so much! My dad picked me up from track practice in my sophomore year and surprised me with this bundle of joy. Hate to say it, but I was more excited to see Cassie than seeing my brothers again. Probably one of the hardest decisions was to leave Cassie back in Louisiana with my parents when I made the move to Texas. For Cassie, Louisiana is home and she have a a huge yard to run around and she’ll never have to spend a moment alone. If she was to live with me she would be stuck in a apartment until I get to walk her and be alone most if the day while I was away at work or whatever. Her staying was hard, but it was for the best for her.


[ Jamie friends that made the trip to Louisiana from left to right: Tiffany, Ericka, Jasmine]

Annndd Congrats to Ericka and Jasmine for getting married the weekend before this! Love is Love.


[Group photo of Jamie (center right, blacl t shirt, drink in hand, blue jeans) meeting some of my friends from LA on Bourbon Street]

After the Casino my dad took my mom out on a date, so a couple of my friends came along and hanged with Jamie and I on Bourbon Street! It was a legit evening with a lot of laughs. Jamie is not shy, so she warmed up to everyone pretty easily. Left around 1am ish.

Okay! Q/A will be done every Sunday 10pm central or whenever I get back in from that day. Just leave me a question on askme and I will answer then. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @AnoleCreole so you can see my answers. They will be posted there and of course askme.