Silent Disco!


Silent Disco

Last weekend, my friends and I decided to check out this thing that’s called a “Silent Disco.” A silent disco is an musical event either by a DJ or love music, but you wear a pair of headphones to listen to the sound. Being my 1st time, it was weird. Normally, when I go to these event or to a club it’s for the atmosphere. Loud music with the crowd into the performance. At a silent disco, it’s the opposite. All you hear is the music from the headphones. It really does make you pay attention to the body language around you. A couple of times I caught myself briefly looking at my friends faces for their emotional facial expressions to try and connect with them on some kind of level. One plus is that you don’t have to scream to talk to someone. Just remove one side of the headphones and you can talk to your friends without yelling at the top of your lungs. It can be quite hilarious when you take your headphones off, and you hear everyone around you singing quietly like they’re not trying to be loud and disturb anybody.


My bud Nikki at our 2nd silent disco

Our second one was a lot better. I think I’m getting use to it. Just go and have fun and try not to think about how much it’s different from other events. It have is own unique experience.

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We’re camping n00bs!


Poor Megs lmao!

This weekend at the last minute everyone decided to go campin, so I went to compete my 15.1 workout for the crossfit games open, and headed on out. While I was doing the workout this evening they was getting everything set up, and ready. When I say setting everything up, and ready I actually mean getting drunk off their ass haha! From the jump I just knew this trip was going to something else.

We didn’t even leave to go into the woods until sun down, and everybody seemed to forget the essential flashlights and batteries. Martin and I stayed sober for the trip in the woods to make sure everyone gets there safely.


S'mores and... Ramen noodles?

Anyways we’re here and I have vodka waiting for me, and gotta be social. Hope everyone have a good weekend!

Let’s gather around the campfire, and sing our campfire song!

My 1st proposal to bring stem cell research to my uni!


Above is the 1st page of 46 that makes up my proposal to start doing stem cell research at my work.¬† I’ve been working on it since December gathering all the facts I need to pitch this to the research department.

I have high hopes for this to get implemented, but like anything else, I sometimes get doubts. The budget is way more than the other projects we currently have going on here, so I’m hopeing they’re not going to get turned off by the cost. There’s plenty resources that would help us fund for this research. Other thing is you may of heard about the controversy around stem cells. You can create artificial stem cells without harvesting them for embryos, but Texas is a very conservative state. Politics may shoot my proposal down before it even have a chance. I believe the majority on the research board wouldn’t think like that, and it won’t be a factor. Lastly, I have a bachelor’s degree, and not a PhD. Top it off I haven’t been working here for a year yet. They may look at me and say I’m naive because I’m still pretty new, and the whole nine yards. The content of my proposal should silence the no-sayers on that issue.

I always overhear conversations changing the direction of the research here to be more ambitious. Even if my proposal fail, I believe it will get nging our approach  on the matter. Dr. Bennett looked over it and said I should definitely submit it, so by the end of this week it shall be done.

A huge thank you to my parents. They emailed, texted, and called me everyday to keep developing this proposal. I maybe live 9hrs away, but the support haven’t changed since I was a dorky 6 year old with my crazy ambitions. Also, thank you Bella, Clay, Anna, Rosilia, Liz, Jamie, Allie, Dr. Bennett, Dr. Lawson, Terrance, Terrell, Pat, Ju, Stephanie, Dr. Williams, and Jared for your direct support during all of this. I may be going overboard on the thank you, but I appreciate you guys!

Poker night!


Williams and Bethany

I’m still feeling pretty sick from the weather during mardi gras, but I decided to go to poker night at my friends. I usually don’t go to poker night because I hardly ever play poker, but everytime I do go it remind me how fun it is playing with the right people.


Patrick and Heather

We usually play for money, but it’s nothing serious. If you don’t play recklessly, you usually can stay playing for at least an hour on $20, and maybe longer than that. Game night with great friends and daiquiris. Can’t ask for more than that. Wish me luck!

“I can’t deal…. the penguins are coming…”


Drunk Rosilia underneath the blanket

This is the scene 1am as we’re going to crash at Terrance place. A drunk Rosilia underneath the covers going on and on about how the penguins was coming and that she wasn’t ready to die yet…. Apparently, Happy Feet being on TV at the moment when we walked in was too much for her.

If you was wondering yes, we did take advantage of the pizza deals on the magazines. As Jamie will say “fuck penguins, get pizza.” Right before she passes out before the pizza ever get here. Shout out to Daminoes for delivering when they was suppose to close!


Thirsty Thursdays! A little bar hopping


Jamie & Rebecca

Jamie’s week been pretty hectic, so we decided to go bar hopping tonight. I think it’s something we both needed. Her boss is pressing a lot from her lately. She have to pick up the slack until her employer hire another chem engineer. I’ve been busy with crossfit, working full time at the university doing research, and taking on two classes in grad school. Times like this is needed, even if it’s only for two hours.

I feel really relax sitting in bed right now waiting on Jamie to come to bed. Still debating if I should go to crossfit at 5:30am like I always do or sleep in and go into work at 9am. Love you guys. I’ll blog again shortly.


My job doesn’t define me.

It doesn’t matter where I go, but when I meet new people they’re so surprise that I work as a researcher assistant at a university. Reason being, “you don’t look the type.” Why? Is it because I have tattoos? Is it the way I dress?

I understand why people do it, since elementary school we’ve all learn to label people. You take a look at someone from what they wear, who they’re with, what their body language says and off of that you pretty much made your mind up if you like this person or not. During my graduation at LSU one speaker said “As we venture into our careers remember that your job don’t define who you are as a person. It just the way you earn your living….. Graduating from LSU doesn’t define who are as a person.  It’s just a place we all went for our higher education.” At that point of time, it’s definitely needed to hear. For so long I told people ” I’m in the Army National Gaurd.” “I go to LSU”  “I’m from Louisiana” when asked for my bio. When there’s so much more to me.

It’s okay if you give me that look of disgust. That you think I’m fake because I don’t wear high waters with suspenders. That I love doing things that isn’t nerdy or geeky. There’s plenty of people that got to know me on a very personal level. You just have to deal with it, not me.