How I Fell Back In Love With Metalcore. 

At that strange stage in you’re life. The stage where you’re most likely in High School and worrying about what others may think of you or where you exactly fall in line in perspective as in social groups I’ve lost my way I guess you can say. As a young black teen living in Southern Louisiana, the majority of my ethnic group (around 98%) listened to rap, and that it. My other “close” friends was into country. You was kinda shunned away if you was into metalcore or Rock because you seem “unstable.” And the people that did dressed in all black, I guess you could call them emo or scene kids. Anyways. Me trying to fit in with the “normal” people cause me to steer away from a genre that I loved. I honestly love all genre of music, just as long as I can vibe with it. 

Fast forward the clock, I’m just out here living life. My friend Mendoza that was also in the Army at the time told me to listen to this group that was becoming big called Crown The Empire. He told me go and check out their EP Limitless. And before you know it, I’m downloading the rest of their albums, and checking in on other bands like Memphis May Fire, Bullet for my Valentines, and A Day to Remember. 

It’s funny. It’s funny looking back at things and just thinking. “God. I was such a idiot to deviate from something I liked just worrying about getting judge.” Worrying about something so petty could’ve steer me in the wrong path and I probably missed meeting some pretty cool fucking people. So let’s all take time and revisit stuff you’ve love and you also can fall back in love with it. 

P.S: I know Crown the Empire gets a lot of crap for being a shitty metalcore band, but they’ll still my favorite right now and had been for the past two years 🤘🏽🤘🏽🤘🏽

Busy, Busy Bee!

It’s definitely been awhile since the last time I blog. Seems like the closer I get to Christmas, the more busier I get. I leave to go to Costa Rica on the 21st and I haven’t done anything to prepare for the trip, as far as packing and making sure everything is in order before I make the trip. Hopefully, by the end of this weekend I will have posted couple blog at least 5; Trap Fest, Crown the Empire concert, The Renaissance Festival, Thanksgiving and my Birthday. With that being said I have to run a few errands. Will try and post tonight if we don’t go to the sports bar to watch the game tonight and also questions that are in my

I decided I’m going to stay here in Austin and work for Texas University. I love my research team here and Austin in my opinion is the best city in Texas. Living downtown cost a shit load, but for me it’s so worth it. Family and friends are good and Jamie and I made it official about a week ago. Whenever we go out somewhere, it’s always a great time and best of all, there is no drama. Her family matches mines with how goofy they can be at times. It’s true when they say you’ll find someone when you’re aren’t looking at all. I really had no intention of getting into another relationship for the rest of this year and just enjoy the holidays, but I’m glad that I took her offer when she asked me out on a date. Everybody is giving me shit for it because people still don’t think it’s normal for women to ask a man out if shes interested in him. It’s playful teasing on both side of the family on who wears the pants, etc, etc.

Remember guys, this is the season of giving. Gives till it hurts! Jamie and I will be volunteering this weekend at a local hospital to spread some holiday cheer. No matter at what capacity you can give, do it!  As I said I will try and post at least again tonight. You guys be cool, stay safe and much love!