One more year….

I officially have one more year left on my current contract with the Army National Guard. Overall, the experience has been great for me. I’ve enjoyed the challenges, and the opportunities this path gave me, but now I really have to start thinking do I want to stay in or do I want to get out. 

The tempo in my life is starting to pick up fast. I will be getting my masters degree this year, and the university been working me harder than ever. A lot of the time I feel so burnt out, so now I’m looking to cut out some things in my life and the Army is one of those options. The Guard is no more just a weekend a month, two weeks out of the year. There’s so much orders and other work going on in between drills, it’s crazy. I believe the only way I would stay in the guard is if I pursued to be aviation officer. I honestly had no time to work on. That because I’ve been so busy. 

In the end, I’m sure everything will balance out and I’ll be where I’m suppose to be at the end of the day. Until then I just gotta keep grinding. 


October 16′ Army NG Drill: APFT and Chill


This October 2016 drill overall was one of the most relaxed drills I’ve had in a while. It was a two day drill and we started with the annual APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) my whole sub section passed, which is awesome. I don’t have to worry about my officers breathing down my neck about it. I did really well scoring a 280/300. CrossFit has really helped maintain my fitness as I was able to run a sub 14min two mile which puts my run time 4th in our company.
After the APFT we did much of nothing. This year we’re having a winter annual training up north, so we was going to go over CBRNE raid and disposal scenarios. But it rained all day Saturday after the APFT and Sunday and the leadership didn’t want to get everything dirty since we will be leaving in December for annual training. The air assault infantry already called dibs on the drill hall, so we just basically sat around in the barracks studying our RECON pamphlets and did gave out information for our plane tickets.

Next month is a MUTA 8 drill (4 days) and it should be good one. We’re going to range to qualify with our individual’s weapons, so we have more time for field operations for annual training. Then we pack everything up for the C130 ride to winter wonderland. It’s already snowing there just waiting for us southerners. Thank god we don’t have to sleep in the field!

And sorry mom I couldn’t travel back and be with you for your 60th birthday weekend. Hopefully, we can go to beach next time around!



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AT 2015: Blackhawk Helicopter Ride


The Blackhawk I flew in

Earlier this week my section had an incredible opportunity to ride in a blawkhawk while the pilots conduct their training. Personally, this was my first blackhawk ride and I was so anxious to fly.

Due to opsec, I will not go into detail on where or how far the route took us. However, I wanna share what I can.



This was the flight medic on our flight. What a badass! Not going to lie I was crushing on her pretty badly. Lol.


Dolphin Island

We flew over a island and what a sight it was. Think this is my next vocation spot to visit.

Overall, it was a great experience. Maybe even a Guard career changing experience. I look into it and I have the GT score to become a pilot. I just now have to study up on the test to get into flight achool. It’s been a little over a week since the flight, and I feel my fire to go into aviation is getting stronger. It’s something I can see doing for 20+ years.

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Sleepy Soldiers: The Heat Is Real!


Spears knocked out!

It’s day 9 and the constant heat is taking it’s toll on everybody. Soldiers are falling asleep at will. The picture above is specialist Spears, and he’s the latest victim of heat exhaustion. Of course, we can’t let him sleep in peace. If you’re caught slipping, prepare to see a bunch of crazy pics and everyone laughing at you when you wake up. Knowing… that you just got, got!

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Start of annual training. 12,600 Rounds of .50cal Ammo!


12,600 rounds.

Today, I was assigned to draw the ammo that we’re going to shoot for the duration of our two weeks of annual training. I was surprised to see the amount of .50cal ammo! 12,600 round and this is for our company alone. The CBRNE recon platoon I’m in has been given 7,000 of these rounds. Our LT said between battle drills and everything else we will most likely shoot it all…. It’s going to be a really fun AT!


Keeping track of everything at Ft. Hood.

Whenever I’m not in the field training, I’ll be here keeping track of every vehicle in our company that’s on Ft. Hood.

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April Army NG Drill: Drivers Training

This drill was simple. We accomplished some much needed drivers training. We manage to get all our lower enlisted soldiers license on the Humvee, and the Family of Taticle Vehicles. Majority of them was also licensed on our armored personal vehicles.

It’s all apart of being a soldier, and thankfully the soldiers that’s under me find driving the APCs a lot of. fun. They have the same attitude towards everything we do, which make it so much easier. So far they met every expectation I had for them. Should be a great AT this year with my high speed sub section next month.  

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March Army NG Drill: 1 day, no sweat



This month drill was only for one day. We did a sensitive items count, and loaded everything up to be sent off for maintenance, and calibration. We should be getting it all back next weekend.

Next weekend should be pretty more kinetic. As we prep for the FTX that’s coming up this annual training starting in June.

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