February Army Drill: zzzZZzzzzZZZZz


Welp. This month was nowhere near as exciting last month, but we still got allot accomplished. We serviced our pro masks, paperwork and briefings, and a quick night time land nav course.

We did get some great news though. We will be getting the new pro masks for awhile to train with, and we’re prepping for FTX: Knight Dragon. Knight Dragon is going to be an live fire exercise with our cav scouts. Mission is to break and secure CBRN weapons stored in a reinforced complex.

Transferring to this unit was a great decision. Texas have a huge budget and I’m with other CBRN soldiers and not the solo CBRN nco. Been awhile since I got excited for upcoming drills!


Get JiNXED #6: Thank you!


(About to steal your girl. I look sexy af in my lab coat)

I don’t do these types of blogs as much as I should be. Definitely, the way you guys been there for me on this crazy ride. Just want to tell you guys thank you! Thanks for all the love and support. There’s a lot of you guys that been following ever since I was on YouTube. That was 7yrs ago! Then moved with me when I transitioned to twitch. This spring, I left twitch because I graduated and got a full time job to support me, my crossfit goals and social life leaves little to no time for games. Now I’m back just to blogging and I’m still getting love from the same people 7yrs ago with additional new faces!

Turning the chapter on being a content creator for youtube or live streaming from twitch was bitter sweet. You guys and I knew that there was a bigger goal I was reaching. I wanted to see what my life would look like if I didn’t count the cost and willing to go further than what anybody willing do to from my community. You guys helped me do that. Being from country ass Lacombe, Louisiana it wasn’t cool to be smart and be heavily into any science. During exchanging emails, videos while I was a youtuber you guys in stilled the attitude of  “fuck them, I have to do what makes me happy.” Once I start doing that I started to blow up. Not just in my academics, but as a content creator, streamer, friend, and as a lover. You guys gave me that kick start to follow my passions and not to harm but don’t take no shit either.

Almost a year ago, I was having a quater of a century life crises. Didn’t help that I lost my best friend Brandon this year to a hit and run. As always, you guys came in as extra support and dragged me out of my mess. This year as I make 26 in December has the total opposite feel to it. I’m not stressed thinking about what I’m going to do with my life, holding on to hatred or fighting people to stay in my life. It’s a eerie calmness that I haven’t felt since 5+ years. My life feels complete. I feel whole. 

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! Hopefully, when I help find a cure for cancer I can put you all in my memoir when im old and grey. To tell my story that you can find strength to accomplish great things from people you never personally met. As always I’m here you too. You can email me at Jinxedsanctuary@gmail.com or follow me on Twitter @AnoleCreole i follow everyone back so you can DM me privately. I’m always catching myself answering emails or DMs at 2am in the morning. I truly enjoy it. Love you guys.


GET JiNXED 4: Mom’s Bday. New Q/A format.


[Above: My mom next to a mustang in the casino]

Happy 59th to my mom! Crazy how time always fly by so quickly. Moving to Austin has put a strain on our relationship. A lot of it is on my end. I just don’t tell her a lot of detail of what’s going on in my life and what I’m doing. Like she was surprised when I came back home for her bday with new tattoos or the fact that I took a permanent job in Austin and moved downtown in the city. Sometimes she takes it as I don’t want her deep in my life, but that’s far from the truth. I just don’t share a lot of things with people. I’ll put it on my instagram or other social media and that’s about it for sharing. Both my parents don’t utilize social media, so I need to directly talk to them more. Always will have max respect for her and the impact she has and continue to have in my life. I go back to Austin on Sunday and I’m dreading it. Anyways, she wanted to go to the casino, so I gave her some bills and that what we did. Great to be around the family and catching up with them all.


[Above: My dog Cassie]

I miss this fury beast so much! My dad picked me up from track practice in my sophomore year and surprised me with this bundle of joy. Hate to say it, but I was more excited to see Cassie than seeing my brothers again. Probably one of the hardest decisions was to leave Cassie back in Louisiana with my parents when I made the move to Texas. For Cassie, Louisiana is home and she have a a huge yard to run around and she’ll never have to spend a moment alone. If she was to live with me she would be stuck in a apartment until I get to walk her and be alone most if the day while I was away at work or whatever. Her staying was hard, but it was for the best for her.


[ Jamie friends that made the trip to Louisiana from left to right: Tiffany, Ericka, Jasmine]

Annndd Congrats to Ericka and Jasmine for getting married the weekend before this! Love is Love.


[Group photo of Jamie (center right, blacl t shirt, drink in hand, blue jeans) meeting some of my friends from LA on Bourbon Street]

After the Casino my dad took my mom out on a date, so a couple of my friends came along and hanged with Jamie and I on Bourbon Street! It was a legit evening with a lot of laughs. Jamie is not shy, so she warmed up to everyone pretty easily. Left around 1am ish.

Okay! Q/A will be done every Sunday 10pm central or whenever I get back in from that day. Just leave me a question on askme and I will answer then. Be sure to follow me on Twitter @AnoleCreole so you can see my answers. They will be posted there and of course askme.