Get JiNXED #9: Reenlistment Decision

If you didn’t know, I’m a soldier in the Texas Army National Guard, current rank E5/SGT. I have a little more than a year left on my current contract. Overall, I love the guard, but I’m still leaning towards of not reenlisting. I joined the guard to be apart of something bigger than myself and the education. My educational goals have been met, but I still love being apart of the guard. Let’s look at my current options.

Reenlist: When this contract is all said and done I will have served 6yrs. If I do decide do reenlist, most likely it will be on another 6×2 contract. Basically, I’m looking at it as if I do reenlist I might as well make it a career. I think it would be kind of crazy for me to have 12yrs in and not to do 8 more years to so I can retire. Also, I would switch to the officer side. I was tested again and I achieved the 110 GT score needed to become an officer. My leadership say I have the tools to become an excellent officer, but of course they’re not going to tell you otherwise if they think you would be a horrible one. What it all comes down to is: ETS or 14yrs as a officer.

ETS: Also known as getting the fuck out. Doing medical research, I feel like that I am contributing to something bigger than myself. While serving you will sacrifice a lot to serve this great country. You can miss important dates like birthdays, the birth of your own child, family members weddings and many more. Deployments can put a lot of strain on your family. I can live comfortable with this job I have. I can even afford grad school by myself if I choose to go back. With that in mind, I’m leaning more to getting out. I don’t want my family to be worried sick about me going off to fight a war anymore. I want to be there for those important events like my child first word, steps, seeing them off to elementary school and everything that comes with being a parent one day.

Bonus option? Air Guard Pilot: I’ve flirted with this idea many of times. I have a science degree, good medical standing and the asvab score and it was something I fantasized about when I was a kid. That dream has kind of faded as I grew older, but now that I know that’s its a realistic goal the itch has returned. I would have to go to a recruiter and get all the details.

Three options. Not an easy choice to make at the moment, but I have a year to sit down and think what I want out of life when it comes to this issue. At the end of the day, I’m sure I will be happy with my decision.