Reinforced Lessons: Don’t rely on nobody.Β 

If you’ve followed my blog then you would know I live in downtown Austin, TX. Recently, I’ve been looking for another my second space. I’ve been trying to look at a couple of places in New Orleans since it’s really close to my family, and when I’m not there I could just rent it out to people. Of course it’s hard to shop for property when you’re not in the city looking at it yourself. 

Anyways, my friend that lives in the area agreed to help me out, but she’s killing me right now. As of today, she missed a couple of appointments that I arranged after I asked her if it was okay and didn’t conflict with her schedule. Some appointments she went on she totally forgot to take pictures or video of the inside. It’s so confusing because this individual seemed so squared away that I would’ve never thought that we would have these problems. 

At this point, I could find someone else but I’m just tired of all of this and have the mindset of if you want to do something right you have to do it yourself. I think we can all relate to people that said they had our backs or will do something, but short change you so much you’re just like wtf. 


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