Saints (0-2) fails to rally against the Bucs (1-1). Loses 26-19

Following the loss to Tampa Bay the Saints falls to 0-2 for the regular season, so what exactly going on with the Saints?

I believe a lot of it’s mental for the Saints opponent. Nobody is really “scared” to play the Saints anymore. The prestige of an elite football team has diminished. Their defense finishing second to last a year ago, and many questionable off season decisions; like keeping Rob Ryan as the defensive coordinator, trading away Jimmy Graham, and giving Byrd a 6 year 50+mil contract when many believe that he’s not in his prime anymore and don’t deserve that kind of contract. Byrd still haven’t played a down for the Saints, but many believe he will be back in week 3. Seriously you look at the Saints roster and besides Drew Brees you kinda get that feeling that there’s no major threats.

During the game, the Saints have plenty of opportunities to come away with the W. However, the Saints had three turnovers and 10 penalties for 115 yards, 4 sacks, a missed field goal, and a blacked extra point attempt. Looking at these stats alone you can tell that team didn’t have a great game at all. Going into the 4th quarter 23-7 the Saints tried to rally, but fell short.

“We fought hard, and fought hard to get back. I let my team down in the most critical part of the game, so I take full responsibility for that. I need to make it up to them.” – Mark Ingram, RB

“I would say it’s very frustrating. We just didn’t execute. Tampa Bay came in and they played better than we did. It’s very simple. Football is a very simple game. You go out and play your best. Usually, you give yourself a good chance of winning. When you miss assignments or you allow pressure on the quarterback or when you turn the ball over, you make it very tough on yourself to win the game.” -Benjamin Watson, TE

It’s been reported that Brees hurt his shoulder after a big hit earlier in the game in which constricted the play calling for the Saints. Brees stated that the injury was minor and only affected a few of his throws.

With this loss the Saints are on a 6 game losing streak for home games. Something that is not heard. Usually the Saints are unbeatable at home.

“It is a fair question, but this is a different team in this locker room. They’re dealing with an opening home loss. We talked it about all week, the advantage you can have of playing at home here, the history of playing here all those other things. There are just so many guys that are new to it and we need to embrace that. The ones that have been here need to communicate how important it is for this to be an advantage. And looking around the league, teams want to play well at home but this is a unique environment. We have great fans and it is disappointing not to play well for them.” – Sean Payton, Head Coach

A silver lining for the Saints is that the season is still young and there’s a lot of football to be played. This Saints team kind of have an underdog feel to them after losing to the Bucs that finished with a record of 2-14 last season. First and foremost the Saints have to stop shooting themselves in the foot with the turnovers and penalties. For defense, will Byrd return will be enough help edge this defense is the right direction? Well Saints fans… lets hope so.

“I wouldn’t say there’s a big level of concern, mainly just disappointment in knowing that we have put ourselves in a little bit of a hole. We can only win one game at a time though, and that’s next week.” – Drew Brees, QB



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