5 Misconceptions About Crossfit

Cross-fit came onto the scene in the early 2000’s. Since then its popularity have sky rocketed, and even landed a spot on ESPN for it’c competition called ” The Cross-fit Games.” Many will watch, but really don’t understand our cult like program. With that many misconceptions have arisen about the sport. Many of these misconceptions coming from people who never did a Cross-fit workout in their life. I’m not an old veteran, but I’ve been doing it for a year and four months straight so far. Here are some of those misconceptions I want to clear up.

  • Everyone is bound to get seriously injured.

Let me begin with yes injuries does happen cross-fit, but also in many other workouts and sports. Crossfit is often stamped with a rep that you will get seriously injured, it’s just of matter of time. This misconception comes from reports that says 70% of Crossfit athletes sub-stained injuries from doing the workouts. I believe when people hear this they automatically think about the worst case scenario and think about major injuries that require surgery. The truth is those most of those injuries are very minor like a sprained ankle, shin splints, or a pulled muscle. A small margin of those injuries are serious, and the serious injuries can be reduce. Serious injuries from my eyes stems from two things: bad coaching and new athletes wanting to do too much weight. Crossfit incorporates Olympic lifts and gymnastics to name a few. When someone new come in they’re suppose to be put in a class that will teach them proper technique before being put in a regular class. A lot of people lie coming in saying they’re experienced when in fact they’re not. Coaches should notice this right off the back and recommend the technique class for them and not letting them lift heavy at all, but there’s a few coaches that really don’t give a crap. Also you have guys that try and lift big outside of the box (term for crossfit gym) and hurt themselves there and say they hurt themselves doing crossfit.

  • Regular WODs is just like the Games

The workouts you see on ESPN is not a 100% replica of what a workout is for the average Joe at their box. There are some movements in the games that you will never see, and if there is a movement that comes up that you’re not comfortable with then it will be modified in way where you can do it. If you want to you can search around and many local boxes will host there own competitions with advance movements. It’s a great way to learn how to perform competitively.

  • Crossfit is the only workout you’ll need.

Crossfit alone will get you into the best shape of your life. I was 211lbs when I started Crossfit. Now I’m 171lbs with 8% body fat, but I do run 3 miles every other day trying to keep a  7mph pace. Why? I’m a Army National Guard soldier and during our fitness test I have to complete a 2 mile run under a certain time. I think I would be fine with Crossfit alone, but there’s nothing better than actually going out there and run. So for you guys that run marathons, swim, or whatever competitively you have to spend time perfecting your craft. Crossfit alone is not going to get you success in your field.

  • It’s only for crazy fit people.

I hate this misconception. When I usually here it is when someone wants to do Crossfit, but doesn’t because they’re afraid that they won’t “fit” in with the crowd. I say just go! Go for a day and you’ll see we are very diverse. We have youth, old, former couch potatoes, men and women in all shape, sizes and color. We’re not this crazy cult of extreme competition.

  • It’s the same everywhere.

Every box is different. Some do their own customized workouts while some follow others. Crossfit is a brand, and each box is owned independently. Each gym will have it’s own coaching style, training philosophy, etc.




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