Can the “Nitty Gritty” be a thing again?…Plz!

Every so often I get a gem in my email, or Twitter DM from you guys. I was talking to someone about raving, but then the conversation went to dances. Personally, I can barely keep up with dances that you have to learn, they’re forever changing, so I more or a raver than going to a club that may put you on the spot to perform a certain dance that you have no idea existed. For example. Do you know there’s a dance called da dolphin? Check it out.

However! There’s always the exception. The exception in this case is the “Nitty Gritty.” The dance was popular back in the 60’s. Check it out.

I’m going to be honest. I want this to be a thing again. I can picture my friends drunk off their asses trying to do this, thus providing me a lot of laughs. Selfish, I know, but more than likely I would be right in the mix. On a real note, my gf and I did take formal ballroom dancing last winter to go to this Valentine’s ballroom dancing event, and it definitely spark my interest on “classic” or “formal” dancing. My friends hinted to do swing dancing, but between work, cross-fit, and now grad school semester coming up I just don’t have the time. What do you guys think? Should the Nitty Gritty make a comeback, or should it stay back in the 60’s? What dance from the past do you wanna see mainstream again?



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