AT 2015: Blackhawk Helicopter Ride


The Blackhawk I flew in

Earlier this week my section had an incredible opportunity to ride in a blawkhawk while the pilots conduct their training. Personally, this was my first blackhawk ride and I was so anxious to fly.

Due to opsec, I will not go into detail on where or how far the route took us. However, I wanna share what I can.



This was the flight medic on our flight. What a badass! Not going to lie I was crushing on her pretty badly. Lol.


Dolphin Island

We flew over a island and what a sight it was. Think this is my next vocation spot to visit.

Overall, it was a great experience. Maybe even a Guard career changing experience. I look into it and I have the GT score to become a pilot. I just now have to study up on the test to get into flight achool. It’s been a little over a week since the flight, and I feel my fire to go into aviation is getting stronger. It’s something I can see doing for 20+ years.

snapchat: jynxs047


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