Working Memorial Day Events


Hanging out with my squad.

Being apart of the Army National Guard can land you some pretty neat gigs. You swore to protect the USA federally, but also swore to protect your community, and answer the call when your direct community needs you. In return, your community will assign you do some pretty neat details, such as: attending local sports games, meeting the governor, being invited to the governors ball, or in this case be apart of a memorial day weekend celebration.

This weekend we recognized the fallen. Those that paid the ultimate sacrifice for this country. My unit was invited to attend this celebration of our fallen heroes. At the event, we had the chance to listen to the various of people give speeches about their daughters, sons, lovers, cousins, and friends that have died. Even one widow who has lost her husband, and all her brothers during WWII. As I look upon them, I tell myself the person who said “Time heals all wounds.” didn’t know the hell he was talking about. No matter how long they lost their loved ones, emotions still ran very high.

It’s always an honor to attend these event. Rub elbows, meet new people, and share stories, but most important to recognize and give thanks for the brave men and women that served and protect the USA.

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