Mother’s Day w/ My Mum


My fav pic of my mom and I

So grateful for the little things in life, like being able to travel back to my mom’s to spend mother’s day with her. Words cannot describe how amazing she is, but I’ll try. Her love is unconditional. She help the two most knuckle headed children on this planet to get a college degree.  A big thank you for being tough on me when I needed it, because being a parent is tough. Of course you would want them to be your friend, but sometimes the kids don’t need a friend. They need a parent to guide them throughout life, and keep them straight. I’m pretty damn sure I couldn’t accomplish half of my life goals if I didn’t have a strong woman like her in my corner. For that I will forever be grateful.


For her gift I knew I couldn’t go wrong if I gave her something wine related, so when I picked up the Vinturi: Essential Wine and Spirit Aerators from Bed, Baths and Beyond, and some red wine for a local store. I just had a couple of glasses with my mom this evening, and the aerator worked well beyond our expectations. It really does oxidize the wine a great deal. Creating a more smoother taste.


“Enjoy with grilled meats, lamb chops and rich cheeses.” …. Rich cheeses? When I read that I knew my ass was far from royalty. I can’t tell you off the top my head what’s an rich cheese, but it’s like Red Windsor Cheese or Pecorino… Just give me my pepper jack and mozzarella on my pizza and I’ll be fine.

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