My Thoughts On Shingeki no Kyojin Chapter 69

Earlier today, Shingeki no Kyojin was released in English. Originally when I saw the spoilers I was disappointed, I thought it was going to be a lot of filler. Thankfully I was proven wrong. I’m not going to summarize this whole chapter, but share a few points that I think is worth mentioning. You cans read the manga via this link:

This chapter starts off with a small time skip, a few hours after the Historia killed her father. I see people on the forums getting angry about this, but I’m so happy Isayama did this to help move the story along. This chapter is all about Kenny, and his history within the walls. He take a trip back into memory lane while he is seriously injured with burns, and bleeding out.


I think every knew that Kenny death was coming soon. He always seemed like a character that was created to reveal information about the world. Kenny death to me is a little meh. Meh as in not really caring that he got killed off. There was no time to actually grow a connection to the character, but as previously stated he wasn’t meant to be a major character anyways.

levi, kenny 1

We finally get a look into Levi’s childhood, and of course it was pretty dressing. Kenny goes to check in on his to find that his sister is dead, and find her son mourning alone and malnourished. Obviously, it has been some time since Kenny saw her as he wasn’t aware of her having a kid. Anyways, he takes Levi in and give him the skills to live underground independently. After Levi showed enough strength to live on by himself. Kenny left him without a word to let him fend for himself.



Kenny finds himself working for the king (Uri) after the king spared him after a failed assassination attempt. Even when Kenny pulls out a hand gun the king laid himself before Kenny, apologizing for “failing to make the wall of ours the paradise we’d all dreamed of.” Kenny hesitated, and did not pull the trigger. He really son’t know why he hesitated at the time, but in Kenny’s world power is everything. For the first time in his life he was overpowered, and put his trust and loyalty to King Uri. In the panels above you see Kenny and Uri dialog talking about the end times are coming, and pretty quickly, but yet Uri still believes in a miracle.


When Levi finds Kenny, Kenny goes on to explain that everybody is a slave to something, even King Uri. Levi wanted to know why the previous king didn’t want humanity to survive.


In the panels below, you see Levi asking Kenny why did he leave him. This is very important for Levi character. Levi can some off as emotionless for many, but instead of probing for more information for the SL, he asked a very personal one. One that was on his mind since that day Kenny walked away. In which Kenny tells Levi he wasn’t fit to be a parent.


Finally Historia is crowned Queen on the walls, and you see her punching Levi on the shoulder to prove to herself that she would fear no man, and become a proper queen


And Look to the second to last panel. The whole group was shocked because for the 1st time in this series they actually witness Levi’s smile. Then he tells everyone thank you, which is also a 1st.

Overall, it’s a great chapter that answers some questions. A great back story. We now know the Ackermans cannot have their minds wiped, and for that reason the Reiss family sought out, killed and mistreated these individuals. King Uri tries to breaks the chain of hatred between these two clans by not killing Kenny, and form a relationship with him. Levi learns that Kenny was his uncle, and received some closure. Historia is literally growing up so fast, her character development has been amazing. She finally feels comfortable being the real her. I though last chapter would be the ending point of season 2 for the anime, but this one will more likely be it.

The big question now is what Levi is going to do with the serum he received from Kenny, and my guess is that what’s the next chapter is going to be about. I highly, doubt he would use the serum on himself. I see two things happening. 1) He will give it to Hange for her to study it. Then Eren will get another upgrade from the serum. Or 2) being a loyal Ackerman he will give it to Erwin, so that his arm may regenerate. He will eat Annie, so he may shift back into the human form.

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