A mentor is someone that looks out for you. A person who always have your best interest at heart, and would give everything to groom you to be an outstanding person going into whatever field you’re chasing after. Unfortunately, some of the mentors end up messing it up, rather than aided them. Here’s my Top 5 of worst mentors from my childhood.


#5: Professor Oak (Pokemon)

Professor Oak research Pokemon for a living, and he aids young trainer with their first Pokemon to start their journeys. Oak willingly gave Ash, who was ten years old at a time with no experience and angry Pikachu. It was Ash fault no doubt because he woke up late on “giveaway on enslaved creatures day.” Still, Oak gave Ash the angry Pikachu to just make him go away after 15 seconds of arguing. Resulting in Ash getting electrocuted frequently, and Professor Oak is like “whatevs, not my problem anymore.”


#4 : Miss Frizzle (The Magic School Bus)

Miss Frizzle teaches 3rd grade, so that means these kids aren’t even 10 years old. Yet on every single episode they set out on these dangerous field trips. Frizzle gets these kids trapped inside a book, causing a storm that’s unstoppable, frozen in space, and shrinking them to adventure places they have no being inside of, ever! What’s made me realize that she was a horrible mentor is when Arnold was often scared to death asking to stay behind, but was forced along by Miss Frizzle. On top of that these adventures took ALL DAY! No math, reading, P.E. None of that.


#3 Master Splinter (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)

Master Splinter takes these teenagers that constantly fighting off evil ninjas that want to kill them. In reality, the world think that they’re freaks. Shredder, the guy who is responsible for creating them wants them dead. So why is Master Splinter a bad mentor? He constantly let them go out to fight Splinter. One many occasions he comes in at the last minute to help the save them. Just only to let them do it again, on the next day. He let these guys go off and fight when obviously they aren’t prepared. Hell at least splinter trained them.


#2: Zordon (The Mighty Morphin’ Power Rangers)

Zordan…. This guy… First he chooses five overemotional humans. Alpha the robot even told him that don’t beam up the teenagers. Then he just hands over powerful weapons to these five untrained kids, and sends them into harms way to fight gigantic monster! Don’t feed me the whole “well jinx you know they was all martial artist.” Bull. Billy had one martial arts lesson before becoming a ranger, one! Zordon’s whole reasoning was that, because teenagers would inherit the planet next, they should be the ones protecting it. The people who already live and run the planet? Naw, let them rest. If civilization is going to be protected from a magical, planet-conquering sociopath, it’s going to happen thanks to a few high schoolers with emotional issues and the most wardrobes of all time.


#1: Papa Smurf (The Smurfs)

Let’s all be honest. We know that Papa Smurf is most likely a huge pervert. Gargamel originally created Smurfette to look like a male Smurf in a dress, designed to wreak havoc on Smurf Village. Papa Smurf changed both her looks via Plastic Smurfery (yeah,) and created the blonde bombshell that he immediately decided he had the hots for. Even though he was her creator/father, not to mention 450 years her senior Oh, and he tried so hard to win her over. In the episode “Romeo and Smurfette,” all the Smurfs are asking Smurfette out, which Papa Smurf blames on spring fever. Papa Smurf shoos the Smurfs away from Smurfette, and then tells her she should marry someone more mature and older. He follows up with, “You could be Mama Smurf!” After a tussle with Gargamel, Papa Smurf forces Smurfette to pick a suitor, because demanding marriage is always acceptable. Smurfette decides she just wants to be alone and enjoy her youth, and the other Smurfs begrudgingly accept her decision. Except for Papa Smurf, that is. The episode ends with him exercising again, vowing to be fit for her by next year. May Smurf gods have mercy on his soul.


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