Trip back to Louisiana: Simple Joys


Cassie ❤ literally the best photo my phone has taken

This weekend, I traveled home to Louisiana to visit my family, friends, and to clean off my best friend grave that I lost a year ago to a hot and run.

I’ve been enjoying the simple things, catching up with friends, attending my family crawfish boil, and taking my dog Cassie for a walk at our favorite trail. Not much change since my last visit. If anything, my loved ones are very well. Four of my relatives are expected to graduate this semester. Anthony finally got the hang of running my late grandad business, and Corey has interviews lined up. I really hope Corey gets a good job. He’s so frustrated, and unhappy at his current job because he feels like he isn’t putting his degree to use.

It was a lovely visit. Currently, I’m just waiting on my plane to takeoff. I have a lot of work to do in Austin in the weeks coming up, so a nice break with my family was much needed.

snapchat: jynxs047


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