Sex Toy Thief Giving Off Bad Vibes


My friends always forward me some crazy stuff, so I though I would share.

Oscar Gil, 18, is accused of stealing a vibrator after a female friend express that she wanted it. The vibrator cost $12.99, but Oscar open the package, and pocketed the item. During the check out the store manager got bad vibes from the male. A deputy asked spoke to Oscar, he admitted to swiping it after his female friend said she wanted it.

Oscar Gil was arrested on a misdemeanor for shoplifting.

My thoughts: I could only imangine that this happens way more than I think it does. You can’t do nothing but to laugh at the sheer stupidity. After reading several articles, they never say that the female was his girlfriend. Maybe a fwb situation, but I think this dude was in the friendzone. I need a follow up on this asap.

snapchat: jynxs047


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