Lootcrate: Covert

March 2015 lootcrate theme is “Covert.” Let’s see what goodies awaits!


1st item out the box is a sad James Bond. Someone stirred his martini instead of shaking it. Crappy bartender, I swear!


This is my favorite item from this month crate. It’s a stealth watch, it’s slim, and you have to press the screen for it to show you the time.


This is for all the collectors, the official collectable from S.H.I.E.L.D.


Two 46 page memo books!


Word game book!


Free download of ninjak #1. A lootcrate exclusive for the 40 page first issue of the much demanded ongoing series for MI-6 premier super-spy, and master assassin.


Military grade paracord survival bracelet. It can also be used as a tourniquet, to build a snare, and used as a fishing line.


Lootcrate magazine goes into detail about this month’s theme with articles on James Bond, Austin Powers, etc.


An exclusive 1st issue of Orphan Black Comic Book. It’s about a girl and her clone. It raises a lot of questions about what makes us “us.”

And that’s about it. Great crate for this month, I can personally use everything in this crate. Well worth being a subscriber. What you guys think about March’s 2015 lootcrate?


snapchat: jynxs047


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