Let’s Rave: Foam Wonderland!


Grabbing food after the flight with my former band mate, Rosilia.

Rosilia, her gf, and I flew into El Paso, Texas early Saturday morning for foam wonderland. The event was everything I expected, and more. Everything was on point with the lasers, lighting, sick bass drops, and we cannot forget the largest foam machines ever. Young crowd though. It’s not a problem, but it gets annoying when most of them come up to you, and ask you for a molly, or any drugs they can buy off you. I heard in the past some shows ended early because kids were passed out in the bathroom from drugs. Thankfully, it didn’t happen to us. As for the foam you want to be on the main floor if you want that experience, so get there earl like we did! Be sure not to have anything valuable. Like most event, the closer you get to stage the more pack it will be. If you ever raved before then you know the choice of clothing can barely leave anything for the imagination, and you have teen girls dressed like willing to throw it back on anyone regardless. I really couldn’t careless how they dress, but I saw way too many dudes making out with young girls, disgusting really.

Putting all the negatives off to the side, it’s really a great event, and I would highly recommend, 9/10.  I wish I could go next week again when it’s help in Dallas, but I’m going to Louisiana to visit my family.


snapchat: jynxs047

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