Break up: Unrequited Love

Today, I had to do something I needed to do. It was very difficult, but I broke up with my girlfriend because of unrequited love. Basically, I was way into her than she was with me, and I’ve been disrespected in this relationship a lot. There was a lot of thinking to try and figure out what part of this was my doing, and what I could do to change it. I thought I did everything right. I showed her off to all my friends, planned exciting dates or at least what we were into, helped her out financially when she needed it, drop all my plans just to be with her when she needed me, but I never could get that from her. Not even a phone call.

I have not been lucky in love. I’ve been blessed with some amazing moments over the years, but somehow have managed to choose partners who did not want what I wanted, did not feel what I felt, and did not want to walk beside me into a future together. Unrequited love s toxic, and can eat you alive.

Right now it’s taking how much time I need to heal properly before even thinking about a next relationship. Trying to give someone my all while healing is a recipe for disaster, we all know this. For those of you have been blessed to find romantic love that is equally shared, I truly admire this, and I have set the intention to find it one day. It all starts with being aware, open, and ready. I don’t regret none of it. You live and learn.

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