Up all night working on technique.

I know I blogged earlier about going to bed on time so I won’t be such a grump. Well that’s not going to happen tonight because I’m helping Scotty to work on correct form for Olympic lifts. When I play high school football, and  track and field our strength coach had Olympic lifting in our routine, so that’s a good four years of experience. Anyways I’m more than glad to help out my fellow CrossFit athletes get better, because I know they would do the same for me. Last week the crossfit games started. Workout 15.1 consisted of three exercises, but 15.1a was the one rep max. Some people had trouble with it because their bodies were fatigue from the first workout, and didn’t get the one rep max they were hoping for in the clean and jerk. I know with my group in the morning people could have clean and jerk more weight if they had better form. Its just a learning process, and it takes time. For some it’s their flexibility in their hips that’s causing the problem, bar speed, or not being comfortable thrusting a lot of weight over their heads. Whatever it is I just want you guys to be sucessful. It’s truly one of the great things about CrossFit. We never give up on each other.

oh and our box is getting new rogue plates. We’re movin on up!


snapchat: jynxs047

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