We’re camping n00bs!


Poor Megs lmao!

This weekend at the last minute everyone decided to go campin, so I went to compete my 15.1 workout for the crossfit games open, and headed on out. While I was doing the workout this evening they was getting everything set up, and ready. When I say setting everything up, and ready I actually mean getting drunk off their ass haha! From the jump I just knew this trip was going to something else.

We didn’t even leave to go into the woods until sun down, and everybody seemed to forget the essential flashlights and batteries. Martin and I stayed sober for the trip in the woods to make sure everyone gets there safely.


S'mores and... Ramen noodles?

Anyways we’re here and I have vodka waiting for me, and gotta be social. Hope everyone have a good weekend!

Let’s gather around the campfire, and sing our campfire song!


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