February 2015 Lootcrate!


Loooootttcraaaaatteeee! I’ve always wanted to subscribe to lootcreate, so I finally did! Every month lootcrate ships out a crate of goodies that reflect the month theme. This month theme is “play.”


The crate itself is a board game! As you can see from the top the title of the game is “Crate Packing Simulator 2015.” The goal of the game is to be the first player to have all 5 items in your crate. It does comes with instructions that you can see in the lower left portion of the picture along with two dice, and a game piece.


Lootcrate Magazine. In here you can read up on the “play” theme, see featured looters, the month’s Mega crate, history of game controllers, and the packing simulator instructions.


The Mini Munny

The Mini Munny is a blank action figure that you can customize as you see fit. It comes with it’s own markers. A great piece for all you artists that can draw. Myself, I have no talent in drawing or designing haha. I will try and make this figure my own, it’ll be a fun project.


Superfight deck is self explanatory. You can read the back for details…. I could only imangine the combinations you can create and the hilarity that will follow as you debate your characters.


The Hex Bug! A robotic bug that’s reacts to your touch. Will have to give you guys the details as I fiddle with it.


This is a voucher for an exclusive ship for a game called Firefly Online. I never heard of the game, but I will check it out whenever I have free time.


Ready Player One, by Ernest Cline

Staying true to the month’s theme there was a book called Ready Player One included in this month’s crate. I should be able to start this book reading this book this week!

Also included was a poster, but I didn’t feel like unraveling it until I know what I’m going to do with it. I probably will get a huge collage book and start collecting them like that.

I gotta say overall I’m very happy with this month crate, and it’s well worth the price! If you’re interested you can head over to http://www.lootcrate.com and check what it’s all about!


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