Mardi Gras 2015

It’s carnival time! That time of the year when you, family, and friends can be pretty much as drunk as you want in public and not get arrested. But seriously, there’s nothing like Mardi Gras in New Orleans.


French Quater

Mardi Gras eve was pretty gloomy, but the French Quater was still looking beautiful as ever. It was mostly cold and rainy throughout the whole day, but the vodka warms the blood nicely!


Jamie and her southern hat

I’m was born and raised 25 miles from New Orleans, but this is Jamie’s first Mardi Gras. The New York native hanged pretty well with us southerners.


You don't need cups. Straight bottles of wine.


Mardi Gras was beautiful as always. It feels like since hurricane Katrina it’s only getting bigger and bigger. Honestly, this year the parades seemed so long, which is a great thing. The parades itself seems to keep moving without many stops. The police were super friendly to everyone. The only reason you would’ve went to jail if you was passout drunk, disrupting the parade itself, or disturbing somebody else intentional via fighting or whatever. On Bourbon street of course you had people flashing for beads, but the cops didn’t really mind as long as you kept that activity on Bourbon street alone. Topless go getters with only body paint on. It’s weird because two years ago they were coming down on that harshly. I wonder why the sudden switch? My gf, friends and I enjoyed a lot of the live music and Dj’s mardi gras night. It never fails to attract the best in the biz.


Gotcha pops!

Coming home for a visit wouldn’t be complete without having my poor pops all tired and sleeping while sitting up! On a second note, look how beautiful my dog Cassie looks! I really do miss them at times, but the good thing about Austin,TX  is that I can visit them anytime I want.

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