February Army Drill: zzzZZzzzzZZZZz


Welp. This month was nowhere near as exciting last month, but we still got allot accomplished. We serviced our pro masks, paperwork and briefings, and a quick night time land nav course.

We did get some great news though. We will be getting the new pro masks for awhile to train with, and we’re prepping for FTX: Knight Dragon. Knight Dragon is going to be an live fire exercise with our cav scouts. Mission is to break and secure CBRN weapons stored in a reinforced complex.

Transferring to this unit was a great decision. Texas have a huge budget and I’m with other CBRN soldiers and not the solo CBRN nco. Been awhile since I got excited for upcoming drills!


6 thoughts on “February Army Drill: zzzZZzzzzZZZZz

    1. Ouch! I tore mines back in high school. Rehab wasn’t fun at all! How he’s doing?

      Im not cav tho. I currently fall under a Headquarters company under a STB (Special Troops Battlion) to support our Brigade. My Mos is 74D: CBRN specialist and I’m in a CBRNE recon platoon that’s in Headquarters comoany. Our brigade consist of Special Troops Battlion, 1 cav, and 2 infantry battlions.

      We’re going to be attached to a Cav company for the exercise to eliminate Cbrn threats .

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