Hoaxes that people actually believe Vol. 1

Unfortunately, some people will believe anything. No matter how ridiculously it may seem. Let’s divulge in 3 of them.

Doritos Ebola
4chan is at it again with their shenanigans. They capitalize on the Ebola hysteria and general human stupidity. They stated there was a Ebola out break at a Doritos factory. What was insane is that CNN actually picked up on this story and without trying to validate the story they tweeted about it as actual news, which went viral.

We all know this term and it’s probably the biggest hoax people deal have to deal with. Cat-fishing was put on blast when MTV made a show out of it. People will created false identities to accomplish whatever their agenda is meant to achieve. Mostly people do it for their own kicks or to attempt to use someones that’s emotionally unstable into fraud. People will get into long distance relationships and build up a fake relationship with someone then end up paying their phone bills or something. If that person don’t ever want to meet you or doesn’t Skype, face time, or whatever then yeah that’s should be the red flag to leave immediately.

Facebook to start charging users
Every single year this hoax resurfaces and the amount of people that believe this year after year is astonishing. Since around 2009 this hoax claims that Facebook will start charging users for the most basic services that have social media junkies shaking. Zuckerberg, the owner of Facebook is not an idiot. Charging people to use Facebook will be suicide since the majority of his client base is young teens and adults. 


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