Dance God’s be with me…

Tonight is the night. The white and red tux is ready to go. My body is ready, and hopefully my mind will be too… Jamie and I been taking ball room dancing lessons to learn a routine, so I wouldn’t be a total noob at it when we have the floor. Jamie is pretty much a pro, so I’m excited to show her how far I came.

Confession time… You know when you see a black guy at a party, or whatever gathering and you just say to yourself “I bet that mofo can dance.” Then he proceeds to dance like Elaine from Seinfeld. Yeah.. I’m that black guy, but not tonight! It’s kinda funny that me and Jamie swap when it comes to racial sterotypes. She’s the white girl that can dance effortlessly. I just try and keep up. Anyways, I’m excited. Tonight I’ll be cha cha’n into those panties.


4 thoughts on “Dance God’s be with me…

  1. My husband back in December told me there was a ball he was going to take me to. I’m guessing this was it. I was so excited. 😔 do you know of any that the army reserve or national guard do? My prom sucked and I’d like to replace the memory with one that is with my hubby

    1. What state are you guys currently living? It really depends on his unit. Some units have family day events and some do not. Jamie and I went to a ball in Austin that wasn’t military related.

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