We’re training while you sleep!


I usually don’t post pictures of anyone else on my blog, but I’m glad my group gave me to go ahead. This is a picture of some of the amazing people I get to workout with 5:30am in the morning. What I love about this group is the consistency of showing up everyday, and we’re one big family. If you don’t show up you definitely will be getting phone calls from everybody asking you why you didn’t show, and if everything okay.

I’m not a morning person at all. I’m such a grump, cursing everything. When I actually get to my box my mood totally changes. I get to see everyone smiling faces, music cranked up to a dope playlist, and everybody pushing each other.

On a side note, it’s almost my 1st yr aniversary since I’ve start doing crossfit. I lost  41lbs with 9% body fat. I could’ve never achieved the results so fast if it wasn’t for my fit family giving me healthy recipes to try, and pushing me during the WOD.


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