Valentine’s Day: 50 Shades of Grey


Last night I asked Jamie if she made up her mind if she wanted to see the 50 Shades of Grey movie for valentines before we set out for our ballroom dancing event. Her exact words were “ No! I wanna see it, but not in a room full of other horny women.” Anyways, I’m sure many will go and see the movie on the release date. Recently, critics released on what they thought about the movie.

Justin Craig from Fox News says “ Sure there’s plenty of nudity, but more salacious material is shown every day on cable. It’s not even close to late night Cinemax. You’ll find more disturbing images in Saw or Game of Thrones.”

Rafer Guzman from Newsday’s says “ You might be equally agog at how an R-rated film full of kinky sex and dirty talk could be so painfully dull. The actors are attractive, and we see just about every naked inch of them. Despite all the waist-down action, though, the movie has no pulse. What’s more, it’s dead from the neck up.”

Justin Chang from Variety says “Unfortunately, it’s a drama that can scarcely sustain one movie, let alone three. And as our heroine becomes ever more aware of just how dark Christian’s dark side is, Fifty Shades of Grey starts to lose it’s sense of humor and elicit the wrong kind of giggles-climaxing with a hilariously overblown S&M montage laden with so many slow-motion dissolves as the suggest that Ana wasn’t the only one wearing a blindfold during the assembly.”

My thoughts: I think this is important. Many people I talk to think it’s going to be really explicit because of the content of the book. I’ve read two books out of the trilogy, and for the most part I love it. At times the book dialog is poorly written and it can get repetitive at times. It’s something to let your mind run free as you’re reading. I anticipate 50 Shades of Grey is going to be very successful during it’s opening weekend . Marketing the movie on Valentines is really going to help this movie. After the opening weekend, I feel like it’s really going to die off. There are several books that make incredible movies, but I don’t think erotica will do well in this transition. Just going to have to wait and see, and when I do end up seeing it I wil give you guys my official thoughts.


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