What Women need to understand about Men.

By the end of this post ladies hopefully you have a better understatement about men. Just like you guys have certain traits, so do we. Lets divulge

The Guy Code

There’s obvious strict dos and don’t that we will never violate. We don’t sleep around with our friends family member, keep our friends infidelities a secret, and whenever there’s a fight we back each other up. The problem is that women don’t understand how we can stick with our buddies even if we don’t agree with the morality of an judgment. There’s no judgment in the guy code.

The need to fix things

“Call Mike the mechanic? Hell no! I can’t fix this!… Mkay. Don’t believe me, just watch!” I’m a total bio nerd. I work in a lab for a living, but whenever something breaks it gives me an opportunity to whip out my toolbox or whatever I need to fix whatever broken. It’s just in a mans DNA. If we cannot fix it we call our bros over, brainstorm, and work while knocking back beers. It’s a male bonding experience, it’s just something we do. Again, the need to fix things just runs through our veins.

Fart Humor

I don’t get why we find farting situations hilarious, but we just do. Instead on rolling the windows down in the car we roll them up and make everyone in the car suffer.

Constantly Adjusting Our Junk

Everthing is moving around down there. Depending on the underwear our junk is chafing, pinching, and squeezing. So please… Pleeaassseee spare us from the disgusting looks or your eye rolls. You don’t have to live with big ass dick and balls.


I don’t get why women haven’t hopped on the sandwich train yet. They’re sandwiches! With unlimited sandwich combos! How?! How you ladies are not crazy about them?!

Destined To Be Grill Gods

You’re not a man until you can BBQ or grilling something with with grade A proficiency. Just like women may pass down recipes from generation to generation. Men pass this down to their sons. It’s enjoyable. Stand around the grill knocking back beer talking about oh well the meat is cooking with your guy friends around.

We like getting treated from time to time

As men I fell like majority of the time were making plans for dates, etc, etc. However, I can tell you it’s really appreciated when a girl tell us. My girlfriend Jamie told me “Hey I date night Saturday night. Dress casual. See your cute ass soon.” I was completely shocked! She even gave me flowers for that night. It’s rare, but just know it’s definitely appreciated and it’s a great idea introduce your man to something that you’re into. Also, trust me your man will most likely brag to your boys about it. Shit my girl brought me flowers and shit and took me out. What your girl doing?

Why we can’t ask for help.

Just like the reason we believe we can fix things. We can do anything and work through any problem. We just need some more time.

Holding on to certain objects.

As men there’s item that we refuse to replace. Like our favorite wallet, boots/shoes, watches, and even down to out comfortable holy underwear. So please ladies don’t try to understand. Just let us do us in this department.

Video Games

Ladies you may think they’re childish and we should grow up, but hear me out. I understand that you may not want to play COD, Destiny, GTAV, 2k, Madden or whatever with us for hours straight. A lot of guys don’t like to sit around watching movies or shows for end on end. Games combine our love of action, adventure with out love of competition. This is something you just have to let go.

Why we hate shopping so much

It’s annoying, boring, and expensive. Yes you look pretty. Yes that dress makes your hips/ass look perfect. Yes that new push up bra will push your boobs right in front of your face. CAN WE JUST PLEASE GO!

The Toilet Seat

We honestly try to remember to put the toilet seat down ladies we really do, but we’re on autopilot when urinating. I’m truly really sorry babe that you got your butt wet because you tried to use the bathroom in the middle of the night, and the seat was up.


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