My job doesn’t define me.

It doesn’t matter where I go, but when I meet new people they’re so surprise that I work as a researcher assistant at a university. Reason being, “you don’t look the type.” Why? Is it because I have tattoos? Is it the way I dress?

I understand why people do it, since elementary school we’ve all learn to label people. You take a look at someone from what they wear, who they’re with, what their body language says and off of that you pretty much made your mind up if you like this person or not. During my graduation at LSU one speaker said “As we venture into our careers remember that your job don’t define who you are as a person. It just the way you earn your living….. Graduating from LSU doesn’t define who are as a person.  It’s just a place we all went for our higher education.” At that point of time, it’s definitely needed to hear. For so long I told people ” I’m in the Army National Gaurd.” “I go to LSU”  “I’m from Louisiana” when asked for my bio. When there’s so much more to me.

It’s okay if you give me that look of disgust. That you think I’m fake because I don’t wear high waters with suspenders. That I love doing things that isn’t nerdy or geeky. There’s plenty of people that got to know me on a very personal level. You just have to deal with it, not me.



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