Jinx’s pros and cons of living downtown

I’ve been living in downtown Austin, TX for about four months now. Here are some pros and cons that I’ve notice.


Shopping, Dining and Nightlife: Living downtown everything is pretty much in walking distance. If the distance is too much for you to walk then there’s options for public transportation. No car, no problem. I never considered myself a shopper, but that kinda changed when I move downtown. It’s like a gigantic mini mall with a lot of stores right next to each other. Every kind of restaurant is available downtown. Yakiniku restaurant are the best go check it out! My most favorite part about living downtown is the nightlife. I can literally walk to my favorite bar and back, no need for a designated driver. When somebody comes into the city to perform, more likely than not they’re going to perform downtown somewhere. I’m never bored sitting around the house.

Diversity: Since living here, I’ve made friends with people from all races, genders, etc, etc. I love the diversity that living downtown brings. I’m not trying to say you can’t do this if you don’t live downtown, but of course the variety of people greater here.


Expensive: It’s going to cost you a pretty penny to live downtown. I don’t recommend living downtown if you’re raising a family. You’re pretty much paying for convenience and not for space.

Green Space: For anything green you have to go to the park. I kinda miss living in the country and being able to step outside of the house and start jogging. I tried that here and got sick from breathing in exhaust and everything else fuming.

Noise: This isn’t really a problem for Austin, but my coworkers have lived other places and tell me it can get quite noisy. I could only imagine living with the noise in downtown Los Angeles.



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