Jinx Reviews: New Orleans – Steamboat Natchez Cruise


  (Entrance gate to the Steamboat Natchez)

When Jamie and I went to Louisiana, so she could me meet my family and friends we had a fun date night. I took her to the Steamboat Natchez Riverboat cruise in New Orleans, LA! There’s paid parking right by the location, so you don’t have to walk far at all to get to the steamboat. Which works well for ladies that wants to dress up, but not walk a ton in heels. The crowd majority will be dressed up because they’re taking their significant other out on a date. There’s no set dress code, so if you just want to go with friends to experience it, you can.


             (The picked dining area)

The tickets that I brought was for two with the meal included. There’s usually two seating times for dinner. I booked the earlier time, so we could actually enjoy the view for the whole cruise. The second seating will take place when the steamboat actually leave. The meals are a buffet style and of course you have to pay for the drinks. Get the banana frost martini, its awesome! The only downside about this part of the cruise is you’re so close to everybody else. Its tightly packed inside. At one point, Jamie and I was almost at the point of shouting just to get some kind of dialog across. Funny thing was the couple right next from us were from Alabama and jumped into out conversation, so for the rest of the dinning experience it was more of a double date with strangers. Jamie and I are really friendly and outgoing, so it didn’t bother us any.


    (The beautiful Crescent City, New Orleans)

Lastly, the captain will take you up and down the Mississippi River. Don’t worry about being cramped like before. There’s three levels outside and plenty of room to be able to sit anywhere you want too. When you set sail, the trip is about a 45mins to 1 hour. The captain will point out anything interesting along the coast that may be there.


          (Fireworks show near the casino)

FINAL VERDICT: 7/10 with the seal of Jinx seal of approval! The only reason this experience gets a 7 is because of the dining accommodations. Besides that, it’s worth every penny. If you’re ever in New Orleans, tell your girl/boy to get all dressed up and take them. The French Quarter, Bourbon street and other places that’s worth checking out is not that far away, so you can walk somewhere without having to move your car to another parking space. It’s worth checking out.



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