Military Service Tradition


( I’m able to wear my late grandfather’s nomex flight suit after losing 41lbs!)

This photo was taken when Jamie and I went to see my parents for thanksgiving. It’s an old nomex flight suit! Seeing this and putting it on took me down memory lane. Memories of me cleaning off the graves of past love ones. Some graves dating back to World War 1. Then there’s myself and six other of my cousins that currently serving today. As my ETS date draws near I find myself wanting to become the first air force fighter pilot in my family. I have the science degree for it. Just got to check in with a local recruiter. I don’t really know the opportunities that the Air National Guard offers.


(It’s a size too small…. and supply still haven’t fixed it….)

People wonder did I feel obligated to join because of my family history. No. For me, joining was to be apart of something bigger than myself and I wanted an adventure. More like a life calling than anything else. I wish we still have the family records of those served during WW1 and after, but after Landry died, nobody seems to know where the records are located. If we ever find them, I’ll be sure to share. Until then, later.



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