Feeling pretty small at the moment.

Still have 4 days at work until the Christmas and New years. We’re pretty much done cleaning around the lab and wrapping up the last few experiments that’s going on. During all the this free time, I was thinking on how small our world is and as a species we’re probably only beginning to scratch the surface when it comes to understanding the universe. Then I found this gem that pretty much explains what im feeling.





Man has done an outstanding job conquering our biomes and wildlife here on Earth, but it’s just Earth…. If that makes any sense at all.

Let me back track. The only reason why I’m in deep thought about this is because of the blunders of some late scientist. Darwin got evolution right, but his ideas on how individual traits we’re inherited out to be way off. And then there’s the chemist Linus Pauling, winner of the Nobel Prize. His model for DNA had almost everything that you can think of wrong with it. It had three stands instead of two, it was built inside out and it basically violated some basic rules of chemistry. Also, physicists around the world was in disbelief when news from Geneva, Switzerland that Einstein might be wrong after recent experiments, but a lot say that the physicists goofed and made mistakes when conducting that experiment. The debate still continues. Remember, along with the Quantum theory, relativity is the foundation of modern physics.

With all that being said, all of the men I talked about are brilliant. Humans are far from perfect. To them, I’m just a humble researcher assistant nerd that conducts cancer research for a university. I doubt that either you or me could achieve as much as they did during their lifetime, but that don’t mean we should not try. I personally think we have so much more to acheieve. Stuff like this makes me want to go back to grad school.

Well…. I hope I made some sense. My thoughts may seem to be everywhere, but that what happens when I have a nerdgasm.



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