Vets’ PTSD Counseling Was Canceled for “Mental Illness Awareness Week”

A former 31B: Military Police soldier was headed into her local VA earlier this month for a regular appointment to find ways to cope with her PTSD learned that her and other vets’ sessions has been canceled. Why you ask? The staff was attending an speech for Mental Illness Awareness Week.

Maj. Leslie Haines, now an Army reservist was told “The session had been on the books for month, so that the staffers could earn continuing education credits.” Haines would later set up a make up session with her counselor, and she’s filed a grievance with the VA over how the original session got canceled.

JiNX thoughts: This is really fucking sad and pathetic. What’s bad is that I’m not surprised at all. A lot of my friends and family are getting out with multiple deployments underneath their belt and waiting ridiculous long times to get the care that they need. I still have a year left, but reading stuff like this doesn’t make me wanna reenlist until they can effectively fix this system. No way this should have happened. Glad they didn’t try and pull this off for National Suicide Prevention Day.


– JiNX


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