Get JiNXED #5: Enter Rosilia


            [ Rosilia ( ro-zah-LEE-ah ) ]

One night during the week about a month ago around 10pm, I get a text “I’m in your city! Get out your bed you french fucker and let’s go eat something.” I didn’t recognize the number, but there’s only like 3 people that have the privilege to call me a “french fucker.” Immediately, I called the number to find out it was my old band mate Rosilia! Told her to come to downtown to my place and I will cook something up. Boom! Friends reunited


Rosilia is a laid back lesbian w/ a wicked sense of humor. The last time I saw her is when she moved to go live with her girl friend. Unfortunately, things didn’t work out, so she kinda restarting her life. She didn’t have to place to go, so I took her in to live with me in my downtown apartment rent free. I was planning on turning my 2nd bedroom to my red room of pain, but that have to wait now. I’m just kidding, or am I? Recently, she just got hired near a clothing store and I can’t say enough on how happy I am to have a childhood friend back in my life. Will we restart the band for old times sake? Highly unlikely, but maybe…. just maybe



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