“There were no protocols” about Ebola


I’m sure you’ve had all heard about it by now, but the union came out and made allegations claiming “There were no protocols.” On how to deal with the deadly virus. What’s really alarming is the reports that no place in the United States have offical protocols with dealing with the virus.

The officials from the National Nurses United declined to specify how many nurses they had spoken with at Texas Health Prebyterian Hospital Dallas to protect protect them from possible retaliation.

In the report, the nurses said there was no “hands on training” on how to wear the protective gear. Even though there was an email sent out to them about Ebola, there was no mandate for the training. Treating it like it was just another siminar that were routinely offered to staff. Also, the nurses felt “unsupported, unprepared, lied to and deserted.” According to DeMoro, the nurses were upset after authorities appeared to blame nurse Nina Pham, who has contracted Ebola, for not following protocols.

The Dallas mayor declined to comment on the accusations against the hospital. “I don’t comment on anonymous alligations.” Mike Rawlings said.


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