Kim Jong-un Losing Control of North Korea?


High ranking exiles came out and said that Kim Jung-un is slowly becoming a “puppet leader”. This also come at a time when the city of Pyongyang was put into lockdown. New Focus International news reported that entry and exit permissions were restricted on September 27, 2014. Many speculate that maybe a coup was attempted.

Then there’s reports saying that Kim Jung-un is not in good health. On the 26th of September he failed to appear in parliamemt. He hasn’t missed a session since he was sworn into power in 2011. Also, he is believed to have two fractured ankles from his weight issues. It’s rare for North Korea to put negative information about their leader out for the public.

With everything going on, do you think Kim Jung-un is losing more of his leadership role and becoming more of a puppet for the parliament?


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