My Family.


You may of heard the term “family don’t have to be blood related” or something along those lines. Well this is my family here in Austin. No matter how hard it may be these guys never lie to me, steer me in the wrong direction or use me. Sad really, that during my relocation and everything that my “blood” family will tell others the wrong thing in order to “protect” me.  To me though, lying in unacceptable. Definitely when my name is involved. The crap and lack of respect is unbelievable. Even talking it to social media. The hard part is accepting all of this and continuing on. It’s mainly the reason why I don’t have a video for you guys this week. I just haven’t been in the mood lately to get in front of my camera and make one, so expect more blog posts. Between work and everything I’ll try to post often. Love you guys. Be blessed.



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